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Author :AzozGamer936 Jan 7, 2023

Actual Guns CSO Addon - A Minecraft addon that offers more than 100 types of weapons, battle modes, survival, and several functions to optimize the gameplay.

Actual Guns CSO

Description about Actual Guns CSO

Actual Guns CSO Addon - Upgrade Battle, Survival, and Optimization

Actual Guns CSO Addon provides tons of weapons such as guns and melee to cope with those aggressive mobs and other functions to support the players. In addition, there are also some functions such as upgrading, decorating your gun, and updating more sound when you kill many enemies continuously. Besides, when you use scary weapons near villagers, they will panic and run away.

In fact, when you shoot bullets continuously, the gun will recoil and you find it hard to control the accuracy, and Actual Guns CSO Addon Minecraft has simulated that through the rage scale in Minecraft and it really optimizes the user experience in the most realistic way.

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You can own a gun through collect Part briefcases in villages to get gun parts, then you can make a complete gun. One great thing is that you can disassemble them anytime you want to reassemble another gun, or exchange them for Mileage. In addition, a function that is extremely loved by gamers is the skin for weapons. Not only brings a new beauty, but also has special skills.

Besides powerful weapons, Actual Guns CSO Addon also creates mobs with equally strong skills, the most prominent being Jiangshi - a monster from China. They appear in dark places, ready to attack the player if you get close. With amazing skills such as increased movement speed when health is low and increased healing when not being attacked. You need to have appropriate fighting strategies if you don't want to be killed.

Besides, you can pick up supply boxes to replenish your ammo and heal yourself, and also don't ignore the Mileage Box because it will give you a large amount of Mileage to buy goods. In addition, you can also use Mileage to tame Ghost Pet - a cute mob that can support you against hostile forces.

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In a specific strategic battle, the players certainly have many weapons to perform different tasks, here are some weapons of Actual Guns CSO Minecraft:

  • Rifles are the most popular guns with a stable rate of fire and recoil (AK-47, AK-12, ...)
  • Submachine Guns are guns with a high rate of fire, so they will run out of ammo quickly, with low recoil but not high damage (MP5, P99, ...)
  • Snipers is a high-damage gun that specializes in destroying enemies from a very long distance, but can only shoot individual bullets (AWM, M200, ...)
  • Pistols are extremely light and highly maneuverable guns (Deagle, Mauser, ...)
  • Shotguns are guns with great damage, but the rate of fire is slow and only highly effective at close range (Winchester, M1897, ...)

There are also melee weapons, grenades, and other support equipment that are also essential to optimize the player's experience.

With this arsenal, players will have explosive battles, as well as unforgettable battles with extremely fierce hostile forces. Get Actual Guns CSO Addon Download now by accessing the link below. Happy shooting!


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