Minecraft map is simply a Minecraft world save file that contains all information about your or others map.  Everytime you create a new world, that’s also called a map. And everytime you exit Minecraft, the map automatically saves. After that, you can just share or distribute your Minecraft map with your friends or people on the Internet.

With that being said, if you set up your Minecraft map world properly, you can create a storyline or some kind of challenges for the others to play. And that’s why Minecraft custom maps were invented. Nowaway, the number of custom Minecraft maps are increasing with a lot of plot twists in them.

If you’re looking for the best Minecraft maps, we have them all here with every single type of Minecraft custom map like adventure, survival, puzzle, parkour. You can expect all of the Minecraft maps here are free and easy to play. We also have popular maps like Skyblock, Diversity, Asleep, and more!

  • Diversity 3 Map
    Diversity 3 Map
    Author: Qmagnet21/02/2022

    Diversity 3 is the third series of Diversity maps, a custom CTM (Complete The Monument) Minecraft map. You need to play all Minecraft map genres to beat this map.

  • Diversity 2 Map
    Diversity 2 Map
    Author: Qmagnet21/02/2022

    Diversity 2 is a CTM Minecraft map. There are different genres like parkour, dropper, adventure, survival, puzzle, area, trivia, escape, labyrinthian, and boss battle!

  • Skyblock Map
    Skyblock Map
    Author: Noobcrew08/01/2022

    Minecraft Skyblock is one of the custom maps to gain so much popularity by having a unique concept. You will be brought up to an island surrounding by the void.

  • Herobrine’s Mansion Map
    Herobrine’s Mansion Map
    Author: Hypixel & Xiantis07/01/2022

    Minecraft Herobrine’s Mansion is created by Hypixel in 2012 and it’s one of the most popular adventure maps in the horror genre. Enjoy the epic boss fights!

  • Funland 3 Map
    Funland 3 Map
    Author: Superpish07/01/2022

    Funland 3 is a Minecraft custom map created by Superpish. It was created back in 2013 and has over half a million downloads with over 900+ players voting.

  • Asleep Map
    Asleep Map
    Author: Ninjanoah506/01/2022

    Asleep is a Minecraft custom map created by ninjanoah5 and razlight789. It’s categorized as an Adventure genre map and it has 4 stars rating of 2650 votes.

  • Diversity Map
    Diversity Map
    Author: Qmagnet04/01/2022

    Diversity 1 is a custom CTM map made by qmagnet. You have to challenge yourself with various types of skills to get the required materials to complete the monument