Minecraft mods (or modifications) are independent changes that are mostly made by users. They tend to improve or change the game in a good way to create a better experience compared to vanilla Minecraft.

Mods are now an essential part of Minecraft, even if you don’t want to install or familiar with them, Minecraft mods still create a huge impact into Minecraft gameplay and improve a lot of factors. For example you can just increase your FPS with a single mod.

You can install an infinite amount of mods in Minecraft (as long as your computer can handle and the mods do not conflict with each other). And Minecraft mods are free, so you can download and install them within a few clicks. On Minesters, you can find free Minecraft mods for both Java and Bedrock versions, so let’s dive in and enjoy the top Minecraft mods!

  • Parallax Shaders
    Parallax Shaders
    Author: Hybred06/01/2023

    Parallax Shaders is the Minecraft MCPE texture pack that improves the graphics and the shaders of Minecraft, making it more attainable and realistic than ever.

  • Loled's Animations
    Loled's Animations
    Author: LoledBr Official02/01/2023

    Loled’s Animation Addon - a mod that introduces the new animations based on animations from Mojang Studio, including walking, climbing, swimming, and falling.

  • Paleocraft
    Author: CompyCraft30/12/2022

    Paleocraft Addon - A mod that stimulates the epic adventure back to the Cretaceous with 9 featuring classic dinosaurs, mammals, reptiles… and their biomes.

  • Monsterverse Addon
    Monsterverse Addon
    Author: Monster12226/12/2022

    Monsterverse Addon  - a mod that brings the monstersverse’s legendary screen into the world of Minecraft. These enormous monsters are Godzilla, Kong, Mecha Godzilla, and more!

  • True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse
    True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse
    Author: Four Worlds Studios02/01/2023

    True Survival - Zombie Apocalypse Addon - a mod that turns the Minecraft world into hell with tons of different types of deadly zombies and NPCs.

  • Actual Guns CSO
    Actual Guns CSO
    Author: AzozGamer93606/01/2023

    Actual Guns CSO Addon - A Minecraft addon that offers more than 100 types of weapons, battle modes, survival, and several functions to optimize the gameplay.

  • 3D Combat
    3D Combat
    Author: Pixeleddoki26/12/2022

    3D Combat Addon - This wonderful mod brings the greatest battles thanks to new weapons with their especially amazing abilities and the most realistic combat mechanics.

  • Ancient Tools
    Ancient Tools
    Author: RenKo23/12/2022

    Ancient Tools Addon - A texture pack that adds a new 3D model to swords, bows, and crossbows with medieval, old-fashioned styles and primitive inspiration.

  • Arath's Guns
    Arath's Guns
    Author: ArathNidoGamer15/12/2022

    Arath’s Guns Addon - a Minecraft add-on that provides many weapons in contribution players such as firearms, missile launchers, and so on.

  • ElfCraft
    Author: WalterDamus27/12/2022

    ElfCraft Addon - a mod that adds a new combination for the Minecraft world, including new mobs, characters, mounts, structures, items, and families.

  • Christmas Event 2022
    Christmas Event 2022
    Author: Jeroo28/12/2022

    Christmas Event 2022 Addon - A Minecraft texture pack that boosts the vibe of Christmas to the next level by contributing decorative blocks, structures, items, costumes, and entities.

  • Wonderful Creatures
    Wonderful Creatures
    Author: DeathkingsStudios14/12/2022

    Wonderful Creatures Addon - This amazing mod provides a large desert space with a variety of plants, friendly and dangerous animals, and even scary monsters.

  • Project PlayTime Addon
    Project PlayTime Addon
    Author: Zombie_MC13/12/2022

    Project PlayTime Addon - The mod provides an entity called Boxy Boo - A new monster with the ability to disguise and surprise attacks in the Poppy Playtime series.

  • Prehistoric Animalia
    Prehistoric Animalia
    Author: Xterionix YT12/12/2022

    Prehistoric Animalia Addon brings Minecraft players back to the Age of dinosaurs, with hundred of dinosaurs existing with custom models and animations.

  • Demon Spider
    Demon Spider
    Author: DARK7MC24/12/2022

    Demon Spider Addon - An addon that creates an aggressive creature with many abilities and speed. Fighting with this demon will be absolutely your nightmare.

    Author: Tomaxed4412/12/2022

    HIDWOODS Addon - The mod drives you to an awesome planet with a lot of creatures, structures, function blocks, awesome machines, and new gameplay mechanics.

  • Total Carnage
    Total Carnage
    Author: CodanRaigenXXI21/12/2022

    Total Carnage Addon - a mod that adds up to 100+ mobs and their unique attributes and abilities into Minecraft. Players also have a bonus of items, infrastructure, and decorations.

  • Sonic Land
    Sonic Land
    Author: ArathNidoGamer19/12/2022

    Sonic Land Addon - This incredible mod creates the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, with many characters possessing unbelievable skills and powers.