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Author :Backalley Feb 23, 2024

Back Alley Tales APK offers a unique blend of surveillance and mystery. Let’s explore hidden tales through cameras in the shoes of a security guard.

Back Alley Tales


Description about Back Alley Tales

What is Back Alley Tales APK?

Back Alley Tales APK is a captivating game developed by URAP, utilizing Unity as its engine to bring an immersive 2DCG gaming experience to your Android devices. Set in a small town, this animation, point-and-click, and simulation game is enriched with voice acting to deepen the player's engagement.

As a security guard delving into the depths of back alley stories through camera data recordings, players are thrust into a world that blends surveillance with intricate storytelling. The game’s unique approach to narrative allows players to uncover hidden tales by interacting with various elements within the game environment.

Back Alley Tales

Back Alley Tales APK Gameplay Mechanics

Back Alley Tales APK becomes deeply ingrained within the player in pursuit during a surveillance-based adventure. This game is about four heroines, each on a conflicted path, and viewed through security cameras - an open window to the world of secrets and lies.


  • Point-and-Click Interaction: Open the game, and through the point-and-click question marks and exclamation points, open new events and stories. Players can explore simple and back alleys with ease.
  • Four Unique Heroines: The blonde, the wife, the business lady, the police officer. Each heroine will bring joy to your game experience.
  • Zoom-in and Wipe Functions: This function gives you a closer look at the finely drawn scenes so you can interact with them even more fully.
  • TV Screen Effects: Customize your gameplay experience with the option to turn TV screen effects on or off, adding an extra layer of immersion to your surveillance adventure.


Back Alley Tales 3

What Does Back Alley Tales APK Offer?

Back Alley Tales APK invites players into a meticulously crafted world of mystery and exploration against a small town's intriguing back alleys. Through the unique vantage point of security camera data recordings, players engage in a gameplay experience that is both immersive and interactive.

Live2D Pixel Animations

Utilizing Live2D technology, Back Alley Tales APK showcases over 4000+ pixel animations, bringing the game's characters and environments to life with fluid motion and expressive detail. Each animation enhances the storytelling, making every scene and character interaction more engaging.

Intricate Storylines for Each Heroine

Beyond the gameplay mechanics, Back Alley Tales APK offers deep and complex narratives for its four heroines - the blonde, the wife, the business lady, and the police officer. These stories are carefully woven into the gameplay, with each character bringing a unique perspective and series of events contributing to the back alleys' overarching mystery.

Back Alley Tales 2

Dynamic Time of Day

Players can change the recording time between day and night, affecting the gameplay and events that can be triggered. This feature adds a strategic layer to the game, as certain mysteries and interactions become available only at specific times, encouraging players to experiment and explore different temporal settings.

Gallery Mode

Players can access Gallery Mode to revisit their discoveries upon unlocking new events or animations. This feature serves as a rewarding system, cataloging the player's achievements and allowing for appreciation of the detailed artwork and narrative milestones at any point in the game.


Back Alley Tales 1

Back Alley Tales APK: Best Tips for You

Back Alley Tales APK presents a unique blend of exploration, strategy, and storytelling. To excel in this game, understanding its intricacies is key. Here are some invaluable tips to uncover the rich narratives woven into the game's fabric.

Patience is Key

Resist the urge to rush through interactions or select options based on immediate preferences. The heroines’ responses and events unfold heavily depend on thoughtful choices.

Skill and Strategy Matter

Success in Back Alley Tales APK depends on your ability to strategize and decide. Each decision can lead to a vastly different outcome, so think strategically about the long-term implications of your choices.

Go For Multiple Playthroughs

Not all content is accessible in a single playthrough. Experimenting with different choices and exploring alternative paths can uncover new aspects of the heroines’ stories and additional animations. If a particular storyline doesn't end as expected, consider restarting to explore other outcomes.


Back Alley Tales APK offers a rich tapestry of narratives and gameplay depth that beckons players to dive deep into its mysteries. Its unique blend of surveillance-based exploration, intricate storylines, and interactive mechanics promises a gaming experience filled with discovery and strategic engagement.


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