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Battle For The Realm Addon - This incredible mod brings a world war in which you are the conqueror with destructive modern weapons and mystical powers.

Battle for The Realm

Description about Battle for The Realm

Battle For The Realm Addon - Minecraft's Largest World War

The majority of territories in the real world have been included in Minecraft by the Battle For The Realm Addon. Set in a world war that is about to break out again, Bishnell Empire - the country with the most powerful military potential in the world had annexed Europe and America, but could not yet conquer Asia, because their path was blocked by a population of extremely dangerous creatures.

For that, the Bishnell Empire is creating a highway tunnel called The Great Rift to send troops into Asia. Faced with this, the Asian nations formed a great alliance - The Kings of the East, with the goal of ending the brutal rule of the Bishnell Empire.

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The mighty forces that Battle For The Realm Addon Minecraft creates:

  • Bishnell Empire: A technologically advanced super nation in Europe, ruled by President Warlow. However, he was overthrown by Von Oberon, the owner of the Jeremiah company, which owns the most high-tech military weapons in the world. In addition, Von Oberon longed for some kind of mystical power that ended the wars of the Great Galeyan.
  • The Kings of the East: This is an alliance that includes many countries from India to Indonesia. They collaborated with scientists to modernize their armies, creating a series of battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and submarines. In addition, they also temporarily ceased fighting the great powers to focus on the common enemy - Bishnell Empire. Thereby creating an extremely large army, commanded by talented individuals.
  • Biomes: The experiments of the Bishnell Empire have devastated part of the world, inadvertently creating a dangerous area with populations of creatures they cannot control. This is the area to prevent the Bishnell Empire's attack on Asia.
  • The Kingdom Of Eternal Night: This is the source of mysterious power. The queen of this kingdom has failed in an attack on Europe, and the prince is also captured. After receiving the ability to control darkness, along with the pain of losing her child, she went mad and turned everyone into monsters and darkness covered the kingdom forever. Therefore, besides the Bishnell Empire, this is also another force that threatens peace in Europe.

Battle For The Realm Mods Minecraft has created a great war and you are the main character to save the world. To be able to resist powerful armies as well as dangerous monsters, you better need weapons and armor. You will easily mine the diamond blocks and craft the first equipment, enough to fight some monsters. The Star Cleaver sword would be a great choice!

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However, to confront the Bishnell Empire, you need more powerful weapons. In addition to modern weapons, Battle For The Realm Addon MCPE also gives you access to extremely powerful ancient Galeyan weapons.

Get Battle For The Realm Addon Download to become a superhero, possess tremendous power, and start your journey to bring peace to the world now!


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