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Author :B0NY434445 Dec 13, 2022

BONY162 Furniture Addon - a mod that adds up to 170 decoration stuff to make the best of your house, including chairs, couches, TV, lamps, stove, and so on.

BONY162 Furniture

Description about BONY162 Furniture

BONY162 Furniture Addon - 170+ New Minecraft Decorations

The demand for adorning your Minecraft house is indispensable. To keep up with this, this BONY162 Furniture addon Minecraft was created to meet your satisfaction.

BONY162 Furniture mods Minecraft add up to 170 decoration items to make the best of your house, including chairs, couches, TV, lamps, stove, and so on. While the choice is diverse, it’ll take time to fully explore, and we’re going to show you some of the best!

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In BONY162 Furniture MCPE, you can get your decoration items in 2 ways: Meet wandering traders and get what you want by giving them 1-5 emeralds or you can get whatever you want by picking them up from creative inventory. Now let’s go through some awesome items:

  • Chair, sofa, bench: Every house needs things to have a seat and these items come in a variety of types, colors, and sizes. You can also interact with a particular item, for example, you can jump into the chair to sit, and jump again to stand.
  • The kitchen cabinet, drawer, trash can, and refrigerator: These items allow capacity, which means you can use them as additional inventory.
  • Lamp, lavabo: These blocks bring reality to your home, not only by their look but also by interaction. You can literally turn the lamp on or off, or get water from lavabo easily.
  • Computer, TV, CCTV: While a computer can be turned on or off, CCTV rotated in different ways, and TV can even be changed with 6 channels. These electric devices are absolutely a must-have in your house.
  • Boombox, toaster: a boombox can play a song when being clicked while a toaster can toast your bread when you click on it again.
  • Book: Book can be interacted with as well. You can organize books stacked up to 5 books high by holding a book and interacting with another. 
BONY162 Furniture addon minecraft

Toys for kids, washing machines, billiard tables, gaming gears, bookshelves, or even gravestones are things along with the list that BONY162 Furniture addon MCPE offers. It obviously takes much time to figure all things out but to make your house as beautiful as possible, it’s worth it. Check the BONY162 Furniture addon download below and have fun!


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