Chainsaw Man: Rude Awakening

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Chainsaw Man: Rude Awakening - the absolutely perfect mod that allows you to transform and experience the unforgettable feeling of being a Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man: Rude Awakening

Description about Chainsaw Man: Rude Awakening

Chainsaw Man: Rude Awakening - Absolutely Rip Your Enemies Apart!

Chainsaw Man mod addon Minecraft brings players into the plot of the famous comic series “Chainsaw Man”. Your first job is to get Pochita, although according to the comics, you will stumble across it when it is injured, we'd recommend that you would save more time if you actively go to find and punch it, and put it into your inventory. In the next step, you need to die when you have Pochita in order to become Chainsaw Man.

After successfully performing the above steps, Chainsaw Man mod Minecraft will activate the transformation function. You just need to click on the last box of the Hotbar and press the shift button twice to sneak. And just repeat again, you can come back to human at any time.

Chainsaw Man addon

You can see that the Chainsaw Man addon Minecraft gives you the same appearance as in the comics. He has a demon head with a long saw, his arms are 2 sharp hacksaw blades. There are also a lot of top-notch combat skills that generate extremely terrible damage, enough to overwhelm anything!

  • Skill 1 - Output: This skill allows you to upgrade the damage, however, your health will also be reduced. Does this annoy you? just one command "/function settings/bleed_off" and you will not lose blood anymore.
  • Skill 2 - Chainsaw M1 Combo: This is a skill that creates simple slashes, but thanks to the arm's saw, it will cause quite a lot of damage.
  • Skill 3 - Hidden Chainsaw Kick: You can rush toward enemies with lightning speed and deliver a very powerful kick.
  • Skill 4 - Double Chainsaw Ambush: This skill allows you to teleport to your opponent and launch 2 slashes diagonally.
  • Skill 5 - Chainsaw the Ripper: This skill is suitable when you are close to an enemy, you will stab them with a saw blade, knocking back and also dealing damage, then you will launch a slash with your other hand.
  • Skill 6 - Chainsaw grapple: This skill enhances your mobility, you will jump higher and farther.
Chainsaw Man download

Let’s split the world! The Chainsaw Man download addon is easy to get, you can download and install it right below!


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