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Author :Supercell Feb 26, 2024

Minesters College Brawl is one of the most underrated mobile games, especially if you’re a fan of the old arcade beat ‘em ups. Download College Brawl from here.

College Brawl


Description about College Brawl

College Brawl Download

Every now and then, a mobile game comes out that, while being extremely fun yet challenging, goes under the radar for not being part of any significant IP or made by well-known developers.

College Brawl is one such game, where the player plays as Ken, an anime-like college student who’s out to get revenge for his friend who was robbed of all they had by a group of hooligans calling themselves the ‘Kat group’

College Brawl download apk

What You Can Expect from the College Brawl Download Android Version

College Brawl is a 2D side scrolling beat 'em’ up where the fights get harder and harder as you progress through the stages. There are over 30 stages to conquer, and a bunch of useful abilities and upgrades you can unlock for Ken.


In addition to the regular hand to hand abilities, Ken also possesses KI abilities, which are determined by the bar directly below his health bar. Use your firearm and other KI abilities to beat any mobster standing in your path.

By installing the College Brawl download, you can expect visuals that bring you back to the early 90 arcades era, such as the old Street Fighter games. In addition, the main characters all have distinct features that make them easily recognizable.

College Brawl download android

What College Brawl Gives Players

College Brawl is the definitive way to play the game, as it gives players access to every single stage available in the game. In addition, it also gives players free money, and the potential to upgrade Ken and his abilities are virtually limitless.

Not only that, but most of the unlockable stuff, such as unlockable pictures/artwork and cartoons, you're sure to love. The game has an attractive gameplay, the more you play the more you like it, you will definitely be satisfied.

College Brawl download

Download College Brawl Today!

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know everything you need to about College Brawl, click on the College Brawl download Android version today, and start your journey to get revenge for your friend.



Search "College Brawl" in Play Store

If the game is blocked on the Play Store, then go to Google to search ''College Braw '' and click the first page to download the game.


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