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Author :WalterDamus Dec 30, 2022

ElfCraft Addon - a mod that adds a new combination for the Minecraft world, including new mobs, characters, mounts, structures, items, and families.


Description about ElfCraft

Minecraft ElfCraft Addon - News Mobs, Structures, and Items

Minecraft is well-known not only because of the open world itself but also due to the diverse professions of villagers and the extraordinary mechanics of gameplay. In the game, you are free to trade for items, mount, and tame animals, or even craft new unique stuff.  To enhance your experience, the ElfCraft addon MCPE is the suitable one you should give a try.

ElfCraft Addon Minecraft is the new mod that includes a lot of features such as mobs, characters, mounts, structures, items, and families. Every object in the mod is involved in nature and forest preservation. Let’s see what they are:

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  • Elf Deer: Such a cute, adorable animal like deer would win your heart even at first look. It’s quite fast and can climb up to 1 block, but it’s incapable of jumping. This great friend of nature can be spawned in any forest biome. You can catch and manipulate this creature as a mount but be sure that you meet its requirement since elf deer only take the one who’s willing to protect nature.
  • Elf Knight: A trustful, loyal warrior. Elf knight has an eye-catching appearance with yellow hair, red eyes, pointy ear, and a well-armored green suit. Elf knight is well-known for his trademark as his life was about protecting his forest and his species. If you see any zombies that invade his territory at night, that’ll be their worst nightmare.
  • Mushroom elf: A true mushroom expert with a red mushroom-shaped cap, a green scarf with red flowers, and a brown villager costume. He’s into mushrooms and takes responsibility for taking care of them. Mushroom elf sometimes can drop a red magic mushroom - an item which you can use to create Natural Essence, combined with apple, seeds, and oak sapling.
  • Mushroom shop: A place that can only be found inside a forest biome. The mushroom shop has a shape of an actual mushroom with a red roof, vines and oak leaves covered around the body, and lots of lanterns. This shop is available for Druid. But you can also find objects such as a mount or a goat horn, as well as flowers, glowstone on the outside, and some tables.
  • Druid: A lovely, charming elf druid that you may find easy to observe. She has a flower garland on her head as well as leaves to hide her feminine body part. Druid can be seen only when in the mushroom shop, she’s here for exchange so if you want some new items, come and deal with her. 
  • Elven Tiara: One of the best items that you can get from Druid. By exchanging 10 Natural essences, Elven Tiara will allow visibility at night as well as add a point of defense.
ElfCraft addon minecraft 2022

And that’s some of the noticeable features that the mod offers. We’d recommend installing it and referring to your friends for complete exploration. ElfCraft Minecraft Download is available at the link below. Happy exploring!


Playable Minecraft Version

1.19.50 → 1.17

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