Farming Valley Modpack 1.10.2

Author :Kehaan Jan 5, 2022

Farming Valley is the Minecraft modpack that heavily focuses on the farming aspect of the game. Settle in, planting crops, selling them, and expand your town.

Farming Valley Modpack

Description about Farming Valley Modpack

Farming Valley: A Peaceful Minecraft Modpack for Farmers

Do you enjoy farming in Minecraft? And have you ever heard about Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon game? If you’re a fan of them, Farming Valley is the modpack you should try!

1. Farming Valley Modpack

If you’re familiar with other farming games, Farming Valley will bring you to the exact experience. You make a farm, plant your crops, harvest, and sell them for money. New game mechanic, right?

You need to start things from scratch, start with nothing in your hand, then slowly farming and build a farm small town in order to sell your crops again. So farming, earning money, use the money to buy stuff, crops, and build a town.

Not easy as that since Farming Valley will introduce a new unique mechanic into the game, Season! Which will divide the atmosphere and the appearance of the Minecraft world. Season also affects how the crop grows, or will completely stop them from growing.

About the long term goals, you can find an achievement book and follow along with it. Because you cannot craft normally in this modpack, instead, you must use your money to buy new items and crops.

2. Minecraft Farming Valley Gameplay

Farming Valley Minecraft modpack provides unique gameplay and brings life to the Village in Minecraft. The first spawn in the world, you will meet Godness. This is the first NPC and she will guide you through the basics of the game.

After leaving you some money and crops, you will learn how to grow crops. It’s includes planting, watering, and harvesting action. Crops are variants in price, growth rate, and selling price.

Here is the list of them: beetroot, cabbage, carrot, corn,  cucumber, eggplant, grass, green pepper, industrial hemp, turnip, onion, pineapple, potato, pumpkin, spinach, strawberry,  potato, tomato, watermelon, and finally wheat.

When you have enough money, you can start your own colony by building your first villager house. After complete the tutorial quest from Godness, you will be given the Carpenter’s Hut blueprint, which is the first and only building that sell other Building’s blueprint and seed.

Later on, you can build pretty much anything, as long as you have enough material, money, and the blueprint for it. The building includes an animal ranch, cafe, carpenter's hut, church, clockmaker, fishing hole, fishing hut, general store, goddess pond, mining hill, mining hut, poultry farm, blacksmith, and the town hall.

Each building has a unique NPC that has a specific trait that will provide you the new spice to the game. Making your life much busier. And not stop there, you can’t just visit these buildings anytime you want like normal Minecraft.

Besides the Season system, Farming Valley Minecraft mod pack also features the time system, where you can only do specific things at a certain time. So you can’t sleep at day, or can’t visit the Carpenter’s Hut on Saturday.

Farming Valley modpack makes the game much immersive than before in the Winter. So, when it’s Spring, Summer, or Autumn, you can switch and try to plant different crops to see which one is the best. But in the Winter, crops don’t grow!

You may be wondering: “What am I supposed to do in the Winter?”. Good questions! Farming Valley is not only about farming, but it is also about mining and breeding. You can just go mine normally and trade or sell the minerals with the NPC. Or use it to upgrade your tool and build new houses.

When you’ve built a Mining Hill, you can go down the mine and explore the underground world. Try to look for Mystril ores since they’re the most valuable minerals in this modpack. You can sell Mystril for 40 gold each. Don’t forget to buy some dynamites at the Mining Hut for easier excavating the cave.

And if you love animals, you can make a poultry farm and enjoy daily life with chicken, cow, sheep, and bees. However, these mobs do not spawn normally in the world. The only way to get it is by buying them from the Animal Ranch. You can also go fishing and sell your fish after for gold!

To upgrade your tools in Farming Valley, first, you will need to find the required materials in the mine. Then prepare the money, go to the Blacksmith building and talk to Danieru.

While most of the buildings and features cost some money, the only efficient way is to sell your belongings in the Shipment box. Just right-click it with any items you want to sell, then go to sleep and you will receive the corresponding amount of money the next day. Make money while you sleep is a real thing huh?

3. Farming Valley Download

If you have a huge passion for farming in Minecraft, then Farming Valley mod is definitely for you! Let’s enjoy your weekend with a drink, playing some peaceful music, and start your farming journey!

Farming Valley has multiple versions, but I’d recommend these for the best experience and stable gameplay. They are including Farming Valley 1.12.2, Farming Valley 1.16.5, and Farming Valley 1.10.2. To download Farming Valley, check out the link down below!


Download Farming Valley Modpack

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