Forbidden Playground 1.2.0

Author :Uncanny Salad Apr 13, 2023

Forbidden Playground is a romantic forest adventure game that has gained quite some popularity in recent times. To find out more about this game, click on this article and read it thoroughly.

Forbidden Playground


Description about Forbidden Playground

Forbidden Playground

Forbidden Playground 2023 is a romantic forest adventure game in which you must travel through the forest while completing various tasks and puzzles. However, you only get one attempt on the journey. There is no “life system” in the game. If you fail once, you must start your journey from the very beginning.

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You can bypass this by paying actual money to continue playing, but that’s for the people who got too much money to spend.  There is no time limit to completing tasks or puzzles in this game so you may complete them at any point in your journey.


The game features anime-like graphics which is the new trend these days. These graphics do complete justice to the storyline that the developers are trying to portray. The graphics of this game can easily be compared to any of the games from the Gacha franchise.


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Forbidden Playground 2023 offers the players a chance to win the favor of an extremely beautiful woman in order to spend romantic moments with her. After all, this is a romantic game so it’s only fair that it has aspects like these.

The game challenges the player’s intellect and grit as they go out on the journey through the forest. The puzzles in this game can be pretty hard at times so a little patience and intellect are required. However, the rewards that this game offers outweigh its difficulty.

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As previously said, there is no time on the clock that you have to obey. You can play this game with ease. However, remember to solve as many puzzles as you can as this would help you earn coins which are quite beneficial for your overall power in the game.

Final Words!

Forbidden Playground is a fun and exciting game that players can download on their android smartphones. However, in order to download the Forbidden Playground, you need to do it through a third-party source because the game isn’t available on the Google Play Store.



Search "Forbidden Playground" in Play Store

If the game is blocked on the Play Store, then go to Google to search ''Forbidden Playground'' and click the first page to download the game.


Download Forbidden Playground

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