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Freddys Tales Backrooms Survival APK merges FNAF lore and survival horror in a quest to uncover mysteries and survive against animatronics.

Freddys Tales Backrooms


Description about Freddys Tales Backrooms

Introduction to Freddys Tales Backrooms Survival APK

Freddys Tales Backrooms Survival APK introduces a harrowing horror experience developed for fans of the FNAF universe, now with a twist of Backrooms lore and survival horror mechanics. This game throws players into a situation in which they have to make it out alive from animatronic attacks with the help of logical deduction.

Freddys Tales Backrooms

Freddys Tales Backrooms Survival APK Background & Gameplay Mechanics

Freddys Tales Backrooms Survival APK takes place in the scary insides of Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria, where an intrepid uncoverer investigates paranormal phenomena as he makes the way through to find out the destiny of security guards who were there before.

  • Monitoring the Cameras: Essential for survival, players must vigilantly watch the security feeds to track animatronic movements and discover hints about the game's deeper lore.
  • Utilizing Doors, Lights, and Mask: To fend off animatronics, players can close doors, use lights for hallway checks, and don masks to deceive certain foes.
  • Power Management: A critical aspect of gameplay, managing the limited power available each night is a delicate balancing act.
  • Surviving Until 6 AM: The ultimate goal each night is survival until dawn. This requires a blend of strategy, resource management, and a keen understanding of animatronic behavior patterns.

What Is Special About Freddys Tales Backrooms Survival APK?

Freddys Tales Backrooms Survival APK elevates the traditional FNAF series by incorporating features that deeply engage players through challenges, achievements, and an immersive storyline. These elements enrich the gameplay experience and provide a sense of accomplishment and discovery.

Achievements and Rewards

Players can unlock various achievements, adding a rewarding layer to the gaming experience. Completing the five nights, the sixth night, and the Custom Night with the 4/20 mode rewards players with up to three stars, showcasing their skill and dedication.


Freddys Tales Backrooms 2


The game offers multiple endings based on the player's actions and decisions, adding significant replay value.

Achieving the Good Ending by completing the five nights rewards the player with a paycheck and a newspaper headline hinting at the pizzeria's closure.

The Bad Ending follows the completion of the sixth night, while the Fired Ending, received after completing the Custom Night, varies based on gameplay choices such as tampering with animatronics, introducing consequences for actions, and encouraging exploration of different strategies.


The game accommodates various player preferences by offering touchscreen and controller support. The touchscreen functionality allows for intuitive interaction directly on the screen, which is ideal for mobile users.

Meanwhile, the controller support, including Bluetooth gamepad or keyboard and mouse options, comes with customizable buttons and sensitivity settings.

Freddys Tales Backrooms 1


In the game, the animatronics are at the core of the game's challenge and its lore, each with distinct characteristics and behaviors that enrich the gameplay experience.

Freddy Fazbear, the stealthy leader, can sneak into the office unseen, launching attacks when power dwindles. Bonnie, known for his aggressive guitar-playing, demands vigilant monitoring and quick reactions as he swiftly moves and attacks from the left.

Chica, though less aggressive, poses an equal threat by surprising players when she enters the office if not watched closely. Foxy stands out as the only animatronic deterred by camera checks, necessitating regular surveillance to fend off his rapid attacks from the Pirate Cove.


Lastly, Golden Freddy adds a layer of unpredictability as a rare and secret animatronic, appearing randomly and triggered by specific player actions or game settings, serving as a wildcard element within the game's intricate dynamics.

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Want to Master Freddys Tales Backrooms Survival APK?

With limited resources and a dangerous environment, mastering the gameplay mechanics is crucial. Below are essential tips that can guide you to success, ensuring you can survive and uncover the mysteries lurking within the game's shadowy confines.

Optimal Camera Monitoring

Constant vigilance is key, yet it's equally important to conserve power. Prioritize camera feeds that offer the most immediate information regarding animatronic movements and strategize your viewing times.

Strategic Use of Defensive Tools

Doors, lights, and masks are your primary means of defense. Close doors only when an imminent threat is detected nearby, use lights briefly to confirm animatronic positions and employ the mask to trick specific animatronics into leaving your office.

Learn By Heart Animatronic Patterns

Each animatronic has unique behaviors and attack patterns. For instance, Freddy's stealth allows him to approach unnoticed, requiring players to anticipate his movements, while Foxy demands regular checks to prevent his fast attacks.


Freddys Tales Backrooms Survival APK for Android promises an unmatched blend of strategic depth and diverse gameplay, inviting players to navigate its hauntingly thrilling universe. Challenge your survival skills, solve mysteries, and outsmart cunning animatronics.


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