Golem Heart's V3 1.19.41 → 1.16.1

Author :LBG Studos Dec 12, 2022

Golem Heart's V3 addon adds 16 different versions of golem to Minecraft. Each of them differs in appearance, damage, lifespan, loot, and so on.

Golem Heart's V3

Description about Golem Heart's V3

Golem Heart's V3 Addon - 16 Brand New Golems in Minecraft

Golem is one of the few mobs that can be built and then spawned in Minecraft, Golem is large, powerful, and also is a neutral utility mob that defends villagers. This Golem Heart’s V3 Addon Minecraft is about to add 16 different variants of Golem along with the default one. Let’s have a look!

Golem Heart's V3 addon

Golem Heart’s V3 Minecraft contains 16 versions of golem mob, each of them is different from various criteria: damage, lifespans, loots, new spawns… There are also many crafting recipes with new armor, weapons, and items. Here are some of them:

  • Golden golem: This golem has the same appearance as an iron golem but the skin. Golden golem has 45-50 health, 14-42 attack, and can be looted with poppy-iron ingots.
  • Copper golem: Copper golem can be recognized by its tiny yet cutie look. Due to its look, copper golem causes only 2 damage, it spawns in dark oak forest and is able to be tamable by copper block.
  • Golem: Golem appears with a giant, muscular look. Golem moves with 4 legs instead of 2, which makes it look like a gorilla. Golem spawns in forest dark oak and is domesticated by diamond.
  • Wooden golem: This mob has the skin of wood, it also comes up with the giant size and long limbs as well.
  • Amethyst Golem: Amethyst golem is stand out by its attractive look. It has 110-115 health, and 32 damage along with an amethyst fragment.
  • Rodio Golem: Rodio Golem lives in hills or jungles, it has the same traits as an amethyst golem but it is tamable with Rodio.
Golem Heart's V3 mod


Besides the golems above, Golem Heart’s V3 Mod Minecraft also offers new crafting items and recipes for various golem spawn eggs, which will obviously be a time-consuming activity because of the diverse materials. Without further ado, let’s get Golem Heart’s V3 Addon Download by the link below and enjoy your time!


Playable Minecraft Version

1.19.41 → 1.16.1

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