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HIDWOODS Addon - The mod drives you to an awesome planet with a lot of creatures, structures, function blocks, awesome machines, and new gameplay mechanics.


Description about HIDWOODS

HIDWOODS Addon - Exciting New Minecraft Dimension Mod

HIDWOODS Addon Minecraft will take you to a new planet with the Landing Pod ship. This is a planet with a lot to explore, however, the danger is always lurking with strange creatures that can attack you at any time. Therefore, building a house to shelter is an essential thing if you want to survive here.


You can easily see that HIDWOODS Addon PE provides a very rich ecosystem, with many different entities such as:

  • Doko - an entity that can be tamed with seeds as a mount. However, you can only tame the Doko baby hatched from Doko eggs.
  • Phy - an observation robot, when you tame them with a battery, they will follow you and fight for you.
  • Golodan - the villagers of this planet who often live in the forest, they exchange scraps and alien technology for money.
  • Some other entities, although passive, will become hostile if being hit like Licamas, and Wufloo.

In addition, you need to watch out for hostile entities that HIDWOODS Bedrock provides such as:

  • Acrilon - a dangerous insect, they will hunt you, and if you are attacked, you will be poisoned for 2s.
  • Hidew Plant - an extremely dangerous plant, it hides when you approach and attacks suddenly.
  • Rackodo - an entity that always attacks other entities including you. When it attacks, you will be slowed down, it is difficult to run away from it!
  • Midlin - when dead, Midlin will leave stones, sometimes you can get Corrupted Mids item - an ingredient to be able to create The Midorock Boss.
  • Midorock Boss - A variant of Midlin, created by inserting Corrupted Mids items into the Midlin Cage. Then, you put the Bottled Ambium item in the cage, you will summon Midorock Boss. You can use the Sapaz sword to defeat it more easily!

Besides, HIDWOODS Minecraft also creates Aquatic Entities, there are gentle species like Aurasson and Poisharp. But there are also ferocious species like Okrossa, especially Seurod - a shark with 10 hearts of health, ready to attack while you are in the water, but nothing will happen if you wear a set of Iron armor.

HIDWOODS minecraft download

HIDWOODS MCPE provides you with many materials to decorate your home and also has machines for you to build a base.

  • Power - This is a battery charger from solar energy, combining the Battery charger and Solar Generator. You need to put it in a sunny place, then the empty battery will be charged. This is an important machine because many machines in Hidwoods are also powered by batteries.
  • Mining Drill - This is a machine that allows you to mine minerals located underground, and of course, you need to use batteries to provide energy. As a result, you will receive stone blocks, which are absolutely necessary for your building process.

This is one of the greatest mods we recommend for you, click the link below to get HIDWOODS Addon Download, explore the landscape, and start your expedition!


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