Jurassic Craft Mod 1.12.2

Author :Lordcazsius Feb 16, 2022

If you love the Jurassic Park movies or dinosaurs, then look no further for your new favorite pack. Jurassic Craft has everything you need to make a dinosaur park.

Jurassic Craft Mod

Description about Jurassic Craft Mod

Jurassic Craft: Jurassic Park + Minecraft = Perfection

The Jurassic Craft resource packs takes its inspiration from the original Jurassic Park movies, which came out in the 1990s - about the same time that blocky-looking games were also popular. With the new Jurassic World movies becoming popular now and with Minecraft bringing back those beloved blocks, now is the perfect time to combine the two, and Jurassic Craft does that perfectly.

The main attraction for this pack, sometimes called Jurassicraft or the Jurassic Park Minecraft mod, has to be the dinosaurs. As of January 2022, there are ten different species of dinosaurs included in the Jurassic Craft resource pack. However, (unless you are playing on Creative Mode), you aren’t going to find these dinosaurs just roaming around the Overworld - you need to create them or craft them.

In the original Jurassic Park movie, the dinosaurs are made when scientists take dinosaur DNA that has been preserved in amber. The DNA is then put into eggs to make dinosaur eggs, which later hatch into baby dinosaurs. While you won’t be doing exactly that in Jurassic Craft, you will be doing something very similar. You can collect dinosaur DNA from amber or from dinosaur fossils. Once collected, you will put the DNA into a machine, which will give you an egg to hatch! From there, you can raise baby dinosaurs that will eventually grow into the full-sized version of each species.

Of course, the Jurassic Craft resource pack will give players everything they need to make the machines needed. Amber, fossils, Jurassic plants, and dinosaur-themed decorations are also included in the pack. With all of this, players will have everything they need to make the perfect dinosaur park... so long as the dinosaurs don’t break out of their cages!

The first version of Jurassic Craft came out in 2015, with the most recent version (Jurassicraft- coming out in October 2021. New updates are released every couple of months. Players will need to have the most recent version of Forge downloaded for this mod to work. The Minecraft Jurassic Craft mod is free to download, and players can also donate to the creator's Patreon to get access to exclusive content.

Note: Some devices will not be playable, please download more LLibrary For the best Jurassic Craft Experience.


How to Install Mod

  • Search and download any mods you like on our website.
  • You should receive a .jar file after downloading.
  • Press Window + R, type in %appdata%, press Enter.
  • Navigate to the .minecraft folder, then mods If you don’t have the mods folder, create one.
  • Copy and paste your downloaded mods to this folder.
  • Start Minecraft with the required profile (Forge or Fabric). You should be able to see the number of mods installed. Enjoy!

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