MC Eternal Modpack 1.12.2

Author : adam98991 Apr 2, 2022

MC Eternal Modpack is a new-age Minecraft modpack that has over 380+ different Minecraft mods and has huge content and gameplay for you to explore and discover.

MC Eternal Modpack

Description about MC Eternal Modpack

MC Eternal: Minecraft Modpack with OVer 380+ Mods and 750+ Quests

MC Eternal is a new age Minecraft modpack that has a lot of features by combining various mods in popular genres. You can feel both magic and science mood in MCEnternal, or from a fascinating adventure with bosses to automation and machines. Let’s see what Minecraft MCEnternal got!

With over 3,200,000 downloads and over 380+ different Minecraft mods, MC Eternal modpack has huge content and gameplay for you to explore and discover. You can play with some familiar mods like Tinkers Construct, doing missions with over 750 quests, and sail the ship to the far land to explore dungeons, structures, and defeat unique mobs and bosses.

You can even start your own colony in MC Eternal free with a MineColonies mod and make your way to be rich with the Economy system of the pack. MC Eternal also adds a lot of mods to improve quality of life and artifacts to help you grow along the journey. Some other famous mods that also got included in this mod are Hardcore Darkness, AE2 Stuff, ArgiCraft, Biomes O’ Plenty, Blood Magic, and so much more!

You can download the MC Eternal free version and play it locally. Or you can even install this modpack on a server and everyone should be able to join the pack, as long as they install Fabric and Fabric API. It’s recommended that you need at least 5GB of RAM to run this pack smoothly. And you can install Optifine and Shaders if you want to push the experience to a new height!

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