Minecraft 1.12.2 Modpacks

  • MC Eternal Modpack
    MC Eternal Modpack
    Author: adam9899102/04/2022

    MC Eternal Modpack is a new-age Minecraft modpack that has over 380+ different Minecraft mods and has huge content and gameplay for you to explore and discover.

  • Travelers Backpack
    Travelers Backpack
    Author: Tiviacz133707/02/2022

    Minecraft Backpack provides a lot of custom backpacks that can store more items by simply right-clicking them. You can also dye and rename your Minecraft backpacks.

  • Sky Factory 4 Modpack
    Sky Factory 4 Modpack
    Author: Darkosto25/01/2022

    If you’re in love with Skyblock, Sky Factory 4 is a modpack for you! Sky Factory 4 modpack combines both farming and automation/technology aspects in one place.

  • Stoneblock 2 Modpack
    Stoneblock 2 Modpack
    Author: FTB10/01/2022

    Have you ever heard about Stoneblock 2 modpack? Basically, you will spawn in a giant stone block and your mission is to get out, craft things, and defeat bosses.

  • Sevtech Ages Modpack
    Sevtech Ages Modpack
    Author: Darkosto07/01/2022

    Sevtech Ages is a massive modpack that introduces a number of different Minecraft mods. The modpack has several unique features and will bring you real challenges.

  • Life in The Village Modpack
    Life in The Village Modpack
    Author: Dreams0107/01/2022

    Life in the Village modpack brings you the Minecraft vanilla atmosphere. However, you will be impressed by its terrain, gameplay, economic, and NPC system!