Minecraft 1.16.5 Modpacks

  • Enigmatica 6 Expert Modpack
    Enigmatica 6 Expert Modpack
    Author: NillerMedDild05/04/2022

    Enigmatica 6 Expert (or E6E) is a Minecraft modpack that mainly focuses on the quest progression based on many factors like automation, machine, magic, and fantasy.

  • Minecraft Medieval Modpack
    Minecraft Medieval Modpack
    Author: SharkieTV_04/04/2022

    Minecraft Medieval is a fresh new Minecraft modpack that adds tons of medieval aspect into the game and completely transform your game into the middle age’s old days.

  • Better Minecraft Modpack
    Better Minecraft Modpack
    Author: SharkieLPS25/01/2022

    Better Minecraft is an extraordinary high-quality modpack. Even though the Minecraft 1.18 updates have come out, Better Minecraft is still a top-tier choice.

  • Valhelsia 3 Modpacks
    Valhelsia 3 Modpacks
    Author: ValhelsiaTeam25/01/2022

    Valhelsia 3 is the third version of the series Valhelsia with the purpose of fully improving Minecraft with a lot of mods to make Minecraft more interesting.