Missile And TNT

Author :Kar Zex Dec 6, 2022

Missile and TNT addon - a mod that provides a massive destruction weapon, that can be used to kill hostile mobs or entities from a far distance.

Missile And TNT

Description about Missile And TNT

Missile and TNT Addon - Nuke the World with Tons of Missile

Would you like something more powerful, and destructive than the default TNT in Minecraft? Or are you the type of person who is eager to destroy hostile mobs with bombs? If yes, this Missile and TNT mod Minecraft is what you’re looking for!

Missile and TNT addon allows you to craft and use a combination of missile and TNT to hit whatever target you want, there are many levels of TNT to craft. The higher the level, the more massive destruction. The nuclear missile and TNT can even turn a vast area of Minecraft world into ruin. 

Missile And TNT pe mod

To craft a missile, you need a crafting table. Open the crafting table and craft missiles by trading any type of TNT you’ve got and one block of iron. A missile is launched by using a Target and Launcher. The Launcher can be crafted with 4 iron ingots and 4 oak planks while the Target is made out of one oak plank.

Once you’ve got all of them, let’s have fun! Put the Target block at the location you want to bomb, then place the missile and use the Launcher to launch. Make sure you keep yourself far away from the target or after 25 seconds, there’d be a terrible tragedy!

There are many types of TNT and missiles to explore, and here are some of them:

  • Normal TNT and missile: come up with normal destruction, this is suitable for the first try.
  • TNTx5, TNTx20, TNTx100, TNTx500, and missile: depends on the numbers, the higher the number, the more massive destruction.
  • Nuclear TNT and missile: this is the ultimate and the most dangerous one. Once you use it, make sure your phone or PC is high specs.
Missile And TNT addon download

Besides these explosive weapons, the Missile and TNT PE mod also contain some impressive ones: TNT firework and missile, infinity TNT and missile, lava TNT and missile, and ghost TNT and missile. This addon is obviously the must-have one in your Minecraft mod list if you love explosion.

Moreover, you can install this mod on your mobile devices, so if you play Minecraft by phone, check out the Missile and TNT PE Minecraft versions instead.


How To Install

  • First you must have the game Minecraft

Then download 2 download files and then click install

Download Missile And TNT

Playable Minecraft Version


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