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Author :Monster122 Jan 9, 2023

Monsterverse Addon  - a mod that brings the monstersverse’s legendary screen into the world of Minecraft. These enormous monsters are Godzilla, Kong, Mecha Godzilla, and more!

Monsterverse Addon

Description about Monsterverse Addon

Monsterverse Addon - Conquer Giant Creatures in Minecraft

We all know how wonderful and glorious every battle in King Kong or Godzilla films is since these giant creatures' performances are out of the world. And do you wonder if is it possible to renovate those battles in Minecraft? With an open world like Minecraft, everything can be done by mods!

Monsterverse Addon minecraft 2022

Monsterverse Addon Minecraft is the mod that brings the monstersverse’s legendary screen into the world of Minecraft. These enormous monsters are Titnaus Godzilla, Kong, Mecha Godzilla, and Thermonuclear Godzilla. With the unique appearances and abilities that they possess, you will be completely fascinated. Note that all of these monsters can be controlled via End Crystal. Now it’s time to have a brief: 

  • Kong: Kong has orange-brown fur, a huge brow, massive muscle, and a height of a colossus. Kong is furry except for his chest, where he’s got a scar just like a sign to warn his opponents who are the boss here. You can get Kong with a weapon by simply dropping down the giant axe and spawning Kong close to it subsequently. When attacking, Kong grabs the axe and chops the enemy down by one hand, and two for heavy damage. When resting, Kong sits down like a human, which looks really ridiculous.
  • Titnaus Godzilla: In Monsterverse Mods Minecraft, this giant reptilian has a newly revamped appearance with its dorsal plate retaining the leaf shape, and rougher dark-grery skin. When attacking, it’ll take Godzilla a little time to charge and then spew out its beam called Atomic Breath - which can drill your world. When resting, Godzilla stands stably and waves his tail. Shin Godzilla is the other form of Godzilla with a similar look and the ability to release beam via its tail.
  • Mechagodzilla: This mechanics machine strongly resembles Godzilla. It also has dorsal plates running from the back of its neck all the way down to the end of its tail. Mechagodzilla also has the same mechanism attack as Godzilla by using its claws or tail for physical attack, as well as manipulating its photon beam and even missiles for heavier damage.
  • Thermonuclear Godzilla: This is so far the coolest and the most powerful monster that Monsterverse Addon offers. Thermonuclear Godzilla has a fiery red glow underneath its skin instead of blue, which allows it to shoot an incredibly destructive Thermonuclear Pulse with a wide range. Thermonuclear Stomp is another skill, which requires a little time to charge but when finished, there’s no chance that its enemies are alive.
Monsterverse Addon minecraft

The number of more than 2000+ shares has shown how excellent this mod is. If you are a fan of monster verse, this mod is an unarguably top choice. Get Monsterverse Minecraft download by the link below and prove who’s the true king!


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1.19.50 → 1.19

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