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Author :TheLake Dec 6, 2022

More TNT mod allows you to add lots of different TNT with bigger explosions and unique abilities. Let's immerse ourselves into the world of destruction this mod provides!

More TNT

Description about More TNT

Minecraft More TNT Mod: Massive Destruction with New TNTs

TNT is an explosive block that can generate an explosion when ignited. A TNT block can be activated by using flint and steel, then it can significantly destroy any terrain or structure. But what if the explosion of default TNT does not meet your requirements? Don't worry, here is our solution - More TNT mod Minecraft.

With more than 600,000 downloads, More TNT mod for Minecraft should be considered as one of the most favorite mods of Minecraft players who love blow things up. More TNT mod allows you to add lots of different TNT and some of them are really big explosions, while others also have unique abilities as well.

more tnt mod for minecraft

Some featuring More TNT Minecraft mod can provide such as  TNT x5, TNT x20, TNT x100, and TNTx500. The more numbers it has, the bigger the explosion. Once you activate them with flint and steel, quickly stay away from them as far as possible to get rid of any damage. TNTx500 or Ultimate TNT can even destroy your Minecraft world entirely, so be careful!

Besides, More TNT PE mod is also useful when devastating any terrain or taking advantage of it to kill hostile mobs. There are more than 30 types of TNT, and each of them has a different recipe as well, so take your time and check it out.


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