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Author :Ero-Moses Apr 8, 2023

My Dress-Up Loser has a similar story to the anime it’s based on, but a unique twist on the gameplay. Let’s see what makes the game so great. 

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Description about My Dress Up Loser

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Cosplays are gaining popularity every year, with people trying out more variations of their favorite anime characters. The trend has been gaining so much traction that even video game developers are creating games about cosplaying.

My Dress Up Loser is a game created around a manga of the same idea, but with an adult twist to the gameplay. Developed by a single person, you take charge of a tailor, who gets aroused while taking clothing measurements for his female subject.

My Dress Up Loser 2023

Let’s dive into the various aspects of the game and its graphics that make My Dress Up Loser download a must-have.


When you use our website to get the My Dress Up Loser download free, you’ll be greeted with the unique gameplay of this game.

Through a series of mini-games, your character will try to get the size of all the various body parts of your female subject. These sizes are used to create cosplay costumes for her.

Currently, the game is short and can be beaten in under 10 minutes. More content is planned to be added soon. Users can expect a steady flow of scenarios and costumes to try their tailoring hand once it’s out.


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The story of the My Dress Up Loser 2023 game is based on a manga called Dress-up Darling.

Wakana Gojou

You play the main character, Wakana Gojou, who is a high school student with a passion for making hina dolls. He spends his time perfecting his skills and striving to reach his grandfather's skill level. However, he keeps this hobby a secret due to fear of being ridiculed.

Marin Kitagawa

Your female subject is Marin Kitagawa, a stunningly beautiful girl known for her confidence and poise. It seems unlikely that she would ever mix with someone like Gojou, who is socially awkward and doesn't have any friends.

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Working Together

However, fate has a funny way of bringing people together. Kitagawa discovers Gojou's sewing abilities and reveals to him her own hobby of cosplay. She's not very good at sewing, so she asks for his help.


Working together on their cosplay outfits, Gojou and Kitagawa grow closer. Despite their different backgrounds, they find a common bond through their shared interest in cosplay.


Because the My Dress Up Loser download is created by a single person, the graphics are mediocre. However, there is a certain charm to the game thanks to the art style and the animations.

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The slightly pixelated style is akin to games from the older generations or from portable Nintendo consoles like the Ds. Either way, people are sure to like the graphics once they get the My Dress Up Loser download new game to their android device.


If you’re a fan of cosplay and the Dress-up Darling manga or anime, this game is a treat for you. Live your fantasies in the pixelated and virtual world of My Dress Up Loser, when you download it free from our website.




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