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Author :CompyCraft Jan 10, 2023

Paleocraft Addon - A mod that stimulates the epic adventure back to the Cretaceous with 9 featuring classic dinosaurs, mammals, reptiles… and their biomes.


Description about Paleocraft

Paleocraft Addon - 8+ Dinosaur with Unique Models, Textures, and Secrets

Paleocraft Addon Minecraft transforms your world into the ancient one with the existence of dinosaurs, mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and their biomes. Each of them is created with detailed texture and possesses its own characteristics. Now let’s travel back in time:

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  • Ceratosuchops Inferodios: These species resemble Suchomimus. Ceratosuchops Inferodios has a similar body shape as a crocodile, with a long and shallow skull, its forelimbs are smaller than the rear limbs but more powerful. Ceratosuchops Inferodios is green and yellow in color, they’re also recognizable by their dorsal sail running along their back. Ceratosuchops Inferodios spawn in deserts and swamps.

  • Caelestiventus Hanseni: Caelestiventus Hanseni is formerly Dimorphodon - a medium-sized flying reptile. They have small heads and short wings, and their necks are short as well but they’re quite flexible. These flying objects often fly in swarms. 

  • Udanoceratops Tschizhovi: Udanoceratops Tschizhovi is a close relative of formerly Leptoceratops. These creatures can walk on their 4 legs, but they probably stand and run on their 2 hind legs, they have multiple thorns on their tails. The adult Udanoceratops Tschizhovi are in bright yellow color while the babies are in green.

  • Genyodectes Serus: These species are relatives of Ceratosaurus - the carnivorous theropod dinosaurs. Genyodectes Serus is medium size, they possess deep jaws with blade-like teeth, and a tiny horn on the midline of the snout. Their forelimbs are short but also powerful and functional. Genyodectes Serus is kinda aggressive, they prefer the forest biome.

  • Riparovenator Milnarae: Formerly Suchomimus, Riparovenator Milnarae is related to Ceratosuchops Inferodios but they have different habitats, as Riparovenator Milnarae can be found in jungle biomes. Due to the same genus of spinosaurid type, this variant comes up with a similar appearance except for the colors, Riparovenator Milnarae is probably yellow and red.

  • Torosaurus Latus: They are formerly Triceratops, which means they are the genus of herbivorous chasmosaurine ceratopsid dinosaurs. They have three horns on their skulls - which they use for defense against predators, four legged-body and thick skin. Torosaurus Latus can be randomly spawned with brown or dark green colors.

  • Sinraptor Dongi: They resemble Metriacanthosaurus. They have a very similar appearance to Riparovenator Milnarae with big, flexible hind legs and short forelimbs. These species are quite fast in speed as they love to chase their prey through the jungles.

  • Tarbosaurus Bataar: These monsters are absolutely the nightmare of all other creatures. They are Tyrannosaurus - or T-rex, a type of dinosaur which is famous for being fierce and aggressive. Tarbosaurus Bataar is big-sized with a large massive skull and long, heavy tail. Their hind limbs are large and powerful, while their forelimbs are short but the claws can cause a lot of trouble, so do not try to mess up with them. Tarbosaurus Bataar is often in green and dark-brown colors.

  • Hesperosaurus Mjosi: They are similar in appearance but noticeably smaller than Stegosaurus. Hesperosaurus Mjosi causes attention by their kite-shaped upright plate along their back and spikes on their tails. These creatures have shorter forelimbs compared to their hind limbs. You can easily recognize Hesperosaurus Mjosi by their specific brown and green colors.

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We all know how colorful and wonderful the world was during the Cretaceous period, especially with the existence of dinosaurs. Unfortunately (or maybe luckily) we no longer have the chance to see them realistically. But thanks to the Paleocraft Addon MCPE, the dominance of these dinosaurs is recreated once again. Get Paleocraft Addon Download by the link below and immerse in the world of dinosaurs!


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