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Author :DrGame0627 Dec 14, 2022

Pixelmon Addon - the mod gives you the ability to capture, fight, and evolve pokemon right in the Minecraft world. Let's explore the world of Kanto!


Description about Pixelmon

 Pixelmon Addon - Awesome Pokemon Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

At the beginning of the game, Pixelmon Addon will give you a choice of 1 of 3 Starting Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. Once selected, calling it out is also very easy. You need to press on the screen and press sit down, and the name of the Pokemon will appear, then repeat the above operation, and it will appear. If you want to get it back, just repeat this action.

One function worth trying the most that Pixelmon Minecraft has upgraded and improved a lot is the fighting feature. First, you need to call out your Pokemon, then point to a wild Pokemon you want to hit and let the battle begin.

Pixelmon addon

To be able to catch Pokemon, you need a Poke Ball. Pixelmon Addon Minecraft Bedrock provides many types of balls such as Great Ball, Master Ball, and Ultra Ball. To get these, you need Apricorns of all colors. You can pick from natural trees, or grow Apricorns trees to get more.

The indispensable function of Pixelmon Mods is to allow you to evolve your Pokemon. Each level will require a different amount of Rare Candy. After being upgraded, it will have a better appearance as well as stronger combat skills.

All Pokemon in Pixelmon Addon Minecraft can evolve into Shiny Pokemon - a rare version with a different color. However, with a 1/4096 spawn rate, it's too hard to get. So just use the command line: /tag @e[family=pokemon,c=1] add shiny and you will get Shiny Pokemon instantly.

A special form of evolution that only occurs when fighting is Mega Evolution which has been included by Pixelmon Minecraft Mods to help you have an experience more similar to the original. This evolution makes your Pokemon more beautiful by changing its appearance and glowing around. In addition, when you defeat a Mega Evolution Pokemon, you will receive a Key Stone and Mega Stone.

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Besides the normal Pokemon, Pixelmon Addon Minecraft also brings legendary Pokemon with extremely beautiful, brave, and tall appearances such as Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. In addition, this mod also updates new Pokemon that are Growlithe and Arcanine.

Pixelmon Addons For Minecraft PE also adds some new ores like Amethyst, Crystal, Sapphire, Silicon, and Ruby so you can craft some combat equipment such as helmets and shields.

Get Pixelmon Download Minecraft now to become a great trainer and own your favorite Pokemon!


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