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Author :Xterionix YT Dec 26, 2022

Prehistoric Animalia Addon brings Minecraft players back to the Age of dinosaurs, with hundred of dinosaurs existing with custom models and animations.

Prehistoric Animalia

Description about Prehistoric Animalia

Prehistoric Animalia Addon - Explore the Dinosaur World in Minecraft

Prehistoric Animalia Addon Minecraft is an addon that shows Minecraft players the existence of dinosaurs, including their mechanisms such as living, breeding, and aging.

Prehistoric Animalia addon 2022

Prehistoric Animalia MCPE has its dinosaurs divided into 5 sizes: XS - S - M - L - XL.

  • XS: Most of the creatures of this size are birds and fish, with their tiny size, most of them are peaceful and do not intend to attack others. Here are some: Callichimaera Perplexa, Cruralispennia Multidonta, YiQi, Anchiornis Huxleyi…
  • S: S size group contains aggressive creatures, they appear on mountains, rivers, and savanna biomes. They are Masiakasaurus Knopfleri, Ozimek Volans, Platyhystrix Rugosus, Halszkaraptor Escuilliei… and so on. Some of them have their own abilities and can be tamable. For example, Halszkaraptor Escuilliei is able to domesticate with raw cod or raw salmon while Stenonychosaurus Inaequalis loves raw chicken and sweet berries.
  • M: Those creatures in M groups are definitely nightmares, they are real dinosaurs and exist in both lands and underwater. Liopleurodon Pachydeirus, Prionosuchus Plummeri, Carnotaurus Sastrei, and Ichthyovenator Laosensis share average HP, average attack, and specific abilities in common.
  • L: Acrocanthosaurus Atokensis and Tarbosaurus Baatar have the same look as Tyrannosaurus, they have high HP, high attack damage, and of course, can be tamed when they’re kids, so do not try messing up the adults.
  • XL: Atlasaurus Imelakei and Basilosaurus Cetoides represent for XL group, their sizes are definitely out of the world and they’re even aggressive with L, and M groups. Some of them have particular traits, for example, Basilosaurus Cetoides attract XS-S sea creatures to swim along with it.
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Besides these awesome creatures, Prehistoric Animalia Minecraft Mod also offer food for HP regeneration, uncraftable weapon, armor, and breeding protocols. All of them are available in Prehistoric Animalia Addon Download, check the link below for more!


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