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Author :Zombie_MC Dec 27, 2022

Project PlayTime Addon - The mod provides an entity called Boxy Boo - A new monster with the ability to disguise and surprise attacks in the Poppy Playtime series.

Project PlayTime Addon

Description about Project PlayTime Addon

Project PlayTime Addon - Poppy Playtime in Minecraft!

Besides Mommy Long Legs and Huggy Wuggy, Boxy Box is also a main opponent in the Poppy Playtime series. In Minecraft, Project PlayTime Addon Bedrock creates a shape for Boxy Box based on the inspiration from the Jack in the box toy. The basic structure is a music box with a yellow star in front, inside there is a clown puppet with a spring attached below, helping it to pop out when the music ends. Boxy Boo's limbs and neck are made of springs. Its head is cube-shaped with sharp teeth, and its hands and feet are dark red.

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Project PlayTime Addon Mod Minecraft builds the Boxy Box's attack style very similar to what Boxy Box shows in the Project PlayTime trailer. He will disguise himself as a very ordinary music box, if you are not careful, you will definitely be in danger! When you approach Boxy Boo, it will pop out of the music box and rush towards you suddenly. Possesses sharp claws that help him catch and hold you, then devour you easily.

Project PlayTime Addon bedrock

Project PlayTime Addon Mod gives Boxy Boo a favor when giving it impressive ability. It owns 1600 HP which helps to last long in battles. In addition, its strength is also very large up to 290 points, it has the ability to defeat Carved Pumpkin - the mob is classified as the most durable with just 1 hit. However, its movement speed is quite slow, so the camouflage strategy of waiting for you to come close and surprise attack is the most suitable.

Boxy Boo is a villain that is worth looking to defeat, check Project PlayTime Addon Download at the link below to start your monster-slaying journey now!


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