Sevtech Ages Modpack 1.12.2

Author :Darkosto Jan 7, 2022

Sevtech Ages is a massive modpack that introduces a number of different Minecraft mods. The modpack has several unique features and will bring you real challenges.

Sevtech Ages Modpack

Description about Sevtech Ages Modpack

Sevtech Ages: A Massive Progression Minecraft Modpack

If you’re in love with exploring new things, trying new experiences, slowly and steadily making your way to the top, then Sevtech modpack is the one for you.

You will be brought back to the giant Minecraft world, but the game mechanic changed! You learn, you work with long term progression. That’s how this modpack works. So today, we’ll take a look at the Minecraft Sevtech Ages and see what is interesting about it!

1. Sevtech Ages Minecraft

Sevtech Ages is a massive modpack that introduces a number of different Minecraft mods, it heavily affects the Minecraft vanilla mood and will bring you the hard time for real.

The modpack has several unique features that modify how the world is generated, especially for ores. So if you’re in the stone age, you won’t be able to find any iron ores or gold ores.

For items and recipes, it will be hidden and only revealed if you have progressed enough into the game. So you can’t just cheat and give yourself an endgame item or so.

Along with ores, items, and recipes, the game difficulty also increases over time and based on your progress. At some time, new mobs can spawn and it will be getting harder and harder.

The uniqueness of Sevtech Ages is, although you have a bunch of things to do in order to make progress, you don’t have a quest book like other modpacks. Instead, Sevtech uses Minecraft’s vanilla advancement system to guide players to follow.

Another great thing about Sevtech is it uses a lot of mods and some of which are not so popular, so many mod creators are blissful for this. And as a player, we have a chance to work with many new and unfamiliar Minecraft mods.

2. Sevtech Ages Mod Pack Features

In Sevtech Ages mod, you will make your way through 8 different ages including Tutorial age, Stone age, Bronze age, Medieval age, Industrial age, Modern age, Futuristic age, and finally Creative age.

The modpack is designed to automatically push the player to the next age when they’re doing specific things. Mostly by crafting and obtaining new items like Work Stump, Coal engine, Plastic molder, or a creative ingot.

1. Tutorial and Stone Age

In the Tutorial and Stone age, you will mostly work with plant fibers and rocks, since there are no ores for you to find yet. And as usual, you need to collect wood, flint, and leather.

You can collect plant fibers by destroying tall grass and grass. Collect rocks by breaking them on the ground. For wood, you can get from the tree. For flint, you need to find a gravel vein and dig through it. And finally, you can gather leather by killing animals.

After you have enough materials, crafting a Work Stump will bring you to the Stone age. And after that just go for Tinkers' Complement Melter to progress into the Bronze age.

2. Bronze Age

The bronze age is the second age of the game, in which coal, copper, and tin ores will spawn in the world. With these two, you can use the alloy smelter to mix them together, create Bronze. Woo!

One thing to note is you don’t need to explore the new chunk to find these new unlocked ores. Minecraft modpacks don’t work like vanilla Minecraft, where the world generation only affects the new chunks. So you can just go back to your mine again to find any new ores.

In the bronze age, slimes, skeletons, and skeleton horses may have a chance to spawn now! And mobs can spawn with an equipped weapon. So watch out! Use your crafting table and turn it into a Luminous crafting table to advance to the next age.

3. Medieval Age

In this age, four more new ores are spawned in the world including gold, rock crystal, iron, and lapis lazuli ores. You can now have access to the Journey map and can go to a different dimension.

Your task for this age is to craft a Coal engine, which is an item that allows you to travel to the Twilight Forest to fight various epic bosses like Lich, Naga, and Hydra. So be prepared for these fights, since Naga is a giant snake, Hydra is a huge three headed dragon, and so on!

Enderman now can spawn in your world. So hopefully you don’t stare into their soul’s windows. General mobs now can spawn with equipped armor as well.

4.   Industrial Age

In the Industrial age, you will have access to electricity, which is required for a lot of machines and construction to work. So this is a huge advantage and an important age in the game.

New ores like Platinum and Redstone are able to spawn in your world. And a new familiar dimension is unlocked as well, the Nether! In order to progress to the next age, you will need to craft just one plastic.

5. Modern Age

Ardite and Cobalt ores now spawn in your world. You can mix them together to create a Manyullyn alloy. Manyullyn is a high-tier material for your tools and armor. So upgrade them when you can.

The end dimension is unlocked in the Modern age, so you can try to get Elytra and fight the Ender dragon if you want. Also, Shulkers are now able to spawn in your world. Ready for the levitation!

To escape the chaotic world and go to the next age, you must craft and launch a rocket. To the moon, you go!

6. Futuristic and Creative Age

Don’t tell me that you’re looking for Diamond the whole time? It’s sad to say that but Diamond, emerald, osmium, and uranium ores are the end-game minerals. You can now find them in the Futuristic and Creative age.

You can even travel through different planets to collect more materials belonging to that only planet. The main purpose is to prepare for the Creative crafting system, which will require one Creative ingot to progress into the Creative age.

Mobs are now super dangerous since they’re all in space. Zombies, skeletons, creepers, witches, and enderman have now evolved. You will also come across different boss battles like Magma boss, Spider boss, Skeleton boss, Creeper boss, and more!

3. Sevtech Modpack Download

As you can see, Minecraft Sevtech Ages is a great modpack that is worth a try, whether you play alone, with your friends, or multiplayer. It’s a fun and challenging modpack to try!

We’d recommend using the Sevtech Ages 1.12.2 because it’s the most stable version to play. Without any talking, here is the Minecraft Sevtech Ages download link!

Download Sevtech Ages Modpack

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