Sky Factory 3 Modpack 1.10.2

Author :FTB Jan 8, 2022

Sky Factory 3 is a Minecraft modpack based on Skyblock map, but instead of doing normal stuff, Sky Factory 3 brings you to the age of automation and tech.

Sky Factory 3 Modpack

Description about Sky Factory 3 Modpack

Sky Factory 3: A Minecraft Skyblock Modpack with Automation

Sky Factory 3 is a Minecraft modpack based on Skyblock map, but instead of doing normal and boring things, Sky Factory 3 brings you to the age of automation and tech. So let’s get the machines to do all the work for you!

1. What is Sky Factory 3?

FTB Sky Factory 3 is made by Bacon_Donut and it’s one of the modpack belong to Feed The Beast team. Just like Skyblock, the player will be spawned in a void world, but this time with only a single block of grass and a small tree.

Your goal is to complete the quest book, which is the first item in your inventory when you’re entering the world. The book contains all kinds of quests and challenges to do, and most of them are material gathering. There you go! Now go doing quests, feel the power of automation and progression, and enjoy the world of the Sky Factory 3 mod pack.

2. Sky Factory 3 Minecraft Features

Sky Factory 3 Modpack has over 195 Minecraft mods, with each one has unique content to contribute to the game, making the progress seem endless. So without any hesitations, let’s take a deeper look into Sky Factory 3!

1. Early Stage of Sky Factory 3

The first thing to notice is the JEI mod, which will show a whole full list of items on the right side when you open your inventory. This list contains all the items and blocks from 195+ mods with the ability to search for a specific item and its crafting recipe. Super convenient!

To speed things up at the beginning, Sky Factory 3 provides the player with the Ore Excavation mod feature. By pressing a pre-defined key (usually ~ key, but you can change this in the Setting), you will be able to mine all the connected blocks of the same type. So mining wood, leaves, and cobblestone is not a problem anymore!

The modpack makes you anticipate a challenge super early in the game by not introduce that much information. What do you do? Is that one block of grass respawn? How to play it safe?

Well… You’ll figure out, by making mistake several times (or by reading this). You must know that one block is your survival area for now, and you must collect at least 1 sapling from the beginning tree. Sound hard, right? Remember that Sky Factory 3 use Fast Decay mod as well, so make sure you don’t destroy all the wood before breaking leaves.

Otherwise, all the leaves will decay and you won’t be able to gather any sapling. If you’re playing safe, you can break all the leaves first and start from there. In the worst case, no sapling? Just delete the modpack and rage quit. No! Just kidding haha. You can leave the world and create a new one. Simple as that!

With the wood you’ve collected, try to expand your island as much as possible. More room equals more sapling catch chance, and this is where the grindy stage begins, where you keep growing trees and expand your platform.

Mostly in the early stage, you will be guided through Ex Nihilo mod. So the item you must get right now is the Crook, which is a tool used to break leaves. It massively increases the chance to receive saplings and apples from leaves.

And that’s overall of the basic stage in Sky Factory 3. Remember to follow the quest book if you feeling lost. With enough saplings and woods, you can make yourself a water source, more dirt, and a lava source. Now get yourself a cobblestone generator!

2. Sky Factory 3 Iron Age and Automation

You can step into the Iron age and can probably start to automate some things. So first of all, let’s craft a sieve and put any materials you have into it. After some right-clicking, you will receive a bunch of different minerals like copper, iron, silver, aluminum,... and so much more!

Remember Tinker Construct? After you have some basic material and minerals, time to get’s started on the advanced of TC by constructing a large Smeltery. It will smelt the ore into liquid form and you can cast that liquid into various forms of metals like nugget, ingot, and block.

You can pretty much use any Sky Factory 3 mod with each other because it syncs so well. So after you’ve advanced to the machinery stage by getting the metals. You can start using these machines to automate the previously manual processes.

Manually punching trees and collect saplings? No more!

Manually mining cobblestone for days? Now there is a machine that will automatically generate cobblestone for you. So leave that be and do your own thing!

Another useful machine you can get your hands on is the Autohammering and auto sieve. Which these two, you basically just idle the whole day, checking the quest book, or build a mob trap for more loot and sustainable resources.

If you prefer to not just have an island full of automation, but automation with aesthetics. In this case, Sky Factory 3 got you covered! With the help of Chisel and Builder’s Wand mod, it’s very easy to expand your island to have more rooms to work with. And with Chisel mod, you can create highly detailed industry-style buildings.

3. Sky Factory 3 Download

Are you enjoy watching things do themselves, while you can spend your time researching new things and so on? If the answer is yes, Sky Factory 3 is the modpack you must try! The technology and automation era is waiting for you!

To download Sky Factory 3 or if you prefer, install Sky Factory 3, you can find the download link right below. Remember to backup your world frequently to avoid any mistakes!


Download Sky Factory 3 Modpack

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