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Author :ArathNidoGamer Dec 20, 2022

Sonic Land Addon - This incredible mod creates the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, with many characters possessing unbelievable skills and powers.

Sonic Land

Description about Sonic Land

Sonic Land Addon - Bring Sonic Hedgehog To Your Minecraft World

Minecraft gamers who love Sonic now fulfilled their wish when Sonic Land Addon brought this character into the Minecraft world. You will also be transformed into Sonic with the top-notch skills that have become the trademark of the Sonic the Hedgehog game.

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The world that Sonic Land Minecraft creates is quite comprehensive and similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, including:

  • Green Hill Zone: Inspired by the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog, this is a multiple-tree green area that is not only beautiful but also allows you to craft many cool things. There will be rings and super boxes with ten to twenty rings throughout the map, which you can earn in exchange for the necessary items.
  • NPC: You can only exchange items from NPCs after having enough rings. Vanilla sells decorative items, Cream sells Sonic skins and weapons, and Maria sells shadow items and other skins.
  • Skin: Sonic Land Addon Minecraft provides not only Sonic but also many other skins with distinct skills. Of course, all of them are capable of super-high jumps and super-fast sprints. You just need to bring enough rings and diamonds to the Cream to be able to own the skin you want.
  • Chao Emeralds: It would be remiss to ignore these gems that give players this terrible power. Each gem has a different ability such as night vision, stealth, slower falling, and the ability to change time, … you collect a total of 7 of them, and you will receive a Super Sonic or Super Shadow skin, with all abilities superior to any other skin.
  • Bosses: Besides the characters representing the righteous, this mod also creates the villain, which is Dr. Eggman. He has made many tools and minions to take over the world such as Metal Sonic - an evil version of Sonic, Robotnik Drone - a drone that will attack any player, and Drill Eggman - a terrain destruction machine.
  • Vehicle: Tornado is Sonic's vehicle, accommodating up to 4 people. In addition, there is Cyclone - an extremely powerful transforming machine that can fly and run at high speed on any terrain.
  • Creatures: Outstanding creatures like Chao and Kocos are all added by Sonic Land Mods Minecraft. You can tame them with rings, and they will follow you and protect you from danger.
  • Weapon: The player can own a few weapons such as Shadow Rifle - an extremely destructive gun containing 20 bullets that can be exchanged from Maria and Sticks Boomerang from Cream.
Sonic Land minecraft 2022

With cool features and an extremely attractive storyline, we recommend you test this Sonic Land Addon to get the Sonic character and start your journey to save the world right now. If you haven't found the version yet, visit the link below for Sonic Land Addon Download!


Playable Minecraft Version

1.18 → 1.19+

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