Stoneblock 2 Modpack 1.12.2

Author :FTB Jan 10, 2022

Have you ever heard about Stoneblock 2 modpack? Basically, you will spawn in a giant stone block and your mission is to get out, craft things, and defeat bosses.

Stoneblock 2 Modpack

Description about Stoneblock 2 Modpack

Stoneblock 2: A Favorite Minecraft Modpack Based on Skyblock

We are sure that you’re familiar with Skyblock in Minecraft before, how have you ever heard about Stoneblock 2 modpack? You can even try the first version of Stoneblock to experience the basic gameplay, but for now, let’s focus on Stoneblock 2.

1. Minecraft Stoneblock 2

Just like what happens in the previous version, Stoneblock 2 brings the player again to the between of the giant world full of stone blocks. You will have nothing in your hands and start your way expand block by block. Let’s get ready in the kitchen sink modpack!

In the beginning, you may be wondering how do I start? You have nothing and stone surround you, and not even a single tree or wood can be found! Well, this is the first mind-blow idea of the Stoneblock series introduce to you. You can mine stone blocks in Stoneblock 2 modpack using your bare fist.

After that, you’ll get yourself stone pebbles, which you can use to craft cobblestones, and then use those cobblestones to craft a stone crafting table. Awesome, right? Dream must be a big fan of this modpack for sure!

2. FTB Stoneblock Features

Stoneblock 2 provides you a quest system from a mod called “FTB Quests”. With this mod, you will follow a pre-defined guideline like a series of quests. With each completion, you will receive grindy items, or unique and new non-obtainable items. This will help you progress further into the modpack.

Tinker Construct plays a big role in this modpack because you do not have wood at the beginning, so you can’t make sticks and neither wooden tools like a normal Minecraft run. Instead, you will use the new crafting system from Tinker Construct to make stone tools.

Not stop there, you can literally use any materials to craft tools in Tinker Construct. From paper, cactus, to obsidian, and even metallic ingredients. Tinker mod also introduces you to a bunch of new tools like the axe will chop an entire tree, or a Hammer will mine a 3x3 area. Pretty neat!

When you’re feeling sick enough punching stone and you have enough material, you can go to another dimension to furthermore collect materials and fighting unique mobs and bosses. Spoiler ahead, the first dimension you may want to go to is the Mining dimension!

In Stoneblock 2, even though you have a large number of stones around you. Your objective is again, just like a Skyblock map, to make a Cobblestone generator. The big difference is in a modpack, the cobblestone generator will automatically generate stone every x number of seconds, depend on its tier. So the more you upgrade it, the more cobblestone per second you will receive.

Later on, you will have the access to wood. But at this time, wood is not important anymore. But it will help you to unlock a vast amount of new recipes and quests.

When you making enough progress, you will mostly run out of inventory space to store any item. That’s where the Drawer and Barrel mod comes into place. The drawer can store up to 2048 stacks of the same item, and the barrels use to store liquid.

Another great feature of Stoneblock 2 is the Ex Nihilo mod, where you can basically sieve some of the blocks like Cobblestone, gravel, sand, dust,... to get minerals. You can get a lot of different custom ores include nickel, uranium, silver, and more!

Early on, you can build for yourself a basic mob farm, by just using cobblestone in the Stoneblock. You can create a large area without putting any torches and mobs will spawn. Or you find some basic mob-trap tutorials on Youtube.

When you have enough materials to craft a spawner, you can put any mob you have captured in it to make the farm from it. So I’d recommend getting cow and skeleton first since you will need leather and bone from them.

3. The Late Game in Stoneblock 2

Similar to most of the end games in other modpacks, Stoneblock 2 using overpower and useful mods which you will find very hard to obtain. Surely it will help your progression a lot by doing some crazy things.

The transmutation table is one of them. You convert every single item and block in Minecraft into a source of currency. Then you can use that currency to exchange for another block. So this mod does not just solve your inventory and spacing problem, but it also helps you to get grinding materials by exchanging them with low-level materials (cobblestones in this case).

Other mods which would required endgame materials like Ender IO, Mekanism, and Thaumcraft could be considered if you’re planning to complete the quest book.

With Thaumcraft, you will step into the magical world. Explore the elements of each block in the game, and use that as an advantage to do a lot of awesome things like casting spells, brew custom potions, and craft overpower armor and weapon.

The rest of the mods are focus on the automation and production aspects of the modpack, like Ender IO, Mekanism, and RFTools. The main point of them is you will need a power source for their machines to work. So the balance between the power income and outcome is the real problem.

4. Minecraft Stoneblock 2 Download

And that’s it, my friend, I hope this Stoneblock 2 modpack will bring you a new experience. Trying to survive and stuck forever in a giant cube of stone block is the challenge for which every Minecraft veteran is looking.

You can try this Minecraft Stoneblock 2 Modpack right now at Curse Forge. Or click the link below to install Stoneblock 2. The most popular version is Stoneblock 2 1.16.5 or Stoneblock 2 1.16.1.

Download Stoneblock 2 Modpack

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