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Author :CodanRaigenXXI Dec 22, 2022

Total Carnage Addon - a mod that adds up to 100+ mobs and their unique attributes and abilities into Minecraft. Players also have a bonus of items, infrastructure, and decorations.

Total Carnage

Description about Total Carnage

Total Carnage Addon - Exciting Minecraft Addon with 100+ New Mobs

If you ever feel dissatisfied with the unhurried, outmoded mobs in vanilla Minecraft, then do not hesitate to try out this Total Carnage Addon Minecraft for a better experience.

Total Carnage Minecraft brings more than 100 mobs to your world. Each of them has its own unique behavior and ability. Moreover, players also have a bonus of items, infrastructure, and decorations to fulfill the whole scene.

Total Carnage addon

Some mobs will not spawn naturally or only be observed in their biomes. But the mod sorts it out by having chests containing eggs, so you can spawn whatever mobs you like. To get all the entities killed, command /kill @e.

Since the variety of mobs that Total Carnage MCPE offers is simply massive, it’s impossible to show all of them. So that the list below will give you a clear look at some featured mobs:

  • Torch Giant: This giant, muscular mob can literally burn all the things nearby by hitting the ground with its leg.
  • Torchure: A mini version of Torch Giant. It has fire covered around its trunk and runs really fast.
  • Sulokh: Although this entity is quite small in size, do not underestimate its strength since it can kill you in only 2 hits by its weapon.
  • Infaminous: This entity is absolutely the boss of death. This monster can cause fatal hunger. In addition, it’s immune to everything so the only way to kill this one is your command.
  • Orbiter: Looks like a machine than a monster with many objects flying around. Orbiter has a modular attack: it’ll take 2-3 seconds to aim the target, then hit it with fire until dusts.
  • Fallen Summoner: An absolute entity that you don’t want to mess up. Once summoned, it will use its spell and attack anything nearby. Fallen Summoner is immune to lighting and can even cause contemporary paralysis to you. 
  • Vastatos: Vastatos looks like an upgrade of Golem since both of them use their hands to hit the target physically. Vastatos has its size depended on level, the higher the level, the bigger it is. When it starts eating or roaring, you better hide or run because getting it damaged is impossible.
  • Hobgoblin: Thanks to the green color skin and a swole size, Hobgoblin seems like a Hulk in block version. Besides physical damage, Hobgoblin has its own ability that it can freeze entities nearby. So we’d recommend staying away from it or you’ll get hurt. 
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And these are our outstanding examples for Total Carnage Addon Minecraft. With over 100 entities, we believe that you and your friends will invent some strategies to beat them all. But that’ll be well-deserved, right? Get Total Carnage Addon Download now and start your conquest!


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