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Author :Ben Daniel Jan 20, 2024

Viva Project APK offers an immersive simulation experience where players interact with dynamic AI anime characters in various scenarios and 200+ animations.

Viva Project


Description about Viva Project

What is Viva Project APK?

Viva Project APK is a non-VR-compatible game where you can interact with your AI anime character. As a simulation game, it puts players in scenarios where they engage with many cute girls, each boasting distinct personalities and responses. This advanced AI simulation adapts dynamically to players' actions using inverse kinematics and over 200 animations. This level of responsiveness and realism in character interactions is compelling for players to play the game.

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Viva Project APK Mechanic

Viva Project APK elevates gameplay with its advanced AI and environments. At its core, it's a simulation game where player interactions significantly impact the game world and AI characters.

  • Advanced AI Simulation: Utilizes inverse kinematics and over 200 animations, allowing characters to respond realistically to player actions.
  • Dynamic Character Mood: Players' play, feeding, and friendships affect characters' moods.
  • Inverse Kinematics: This feature makes characters move and react realistically, improving interactions.
  • Complex Behaviors: Characters' emotions and responses bring richness to gaming.
  • Expansive Animation Library: Characters move and respond differently with over 200 animations, making each interaction distinctive.
  • Player Impact: How players choose to interact with characters significantly shapes the game experience, offering a personalized gaming journey.
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What Will You Get In Viva Project APK?

Viva Project APK stands out with its engaging features, each designed to enhance the player's experience and interaction within the game's world.

Multiplayer Mode

This feature lets friends play with their characters in a session of up to four people. Although still in development, this mode enables fascinating social engagement in the game. Sharing exploits and collaborating enhances the gaming experience.


Achievements and Rewards

The in-game reward system encourages completing tasks and milestones. Players are encouraged to explore the game and set new objectives by seeing their successes on their character profiles, such as unlocking all characters or playing for long hours.

Customizable Controls

Taps, swipes, and drags provide easy gameplay. Controller support is available for conventional gamers. Control schemes may be customized to suit user preferences, making gaming pleasant and personalized.

Language Support

English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, and Russian support expands the game's appeal. This feature lets players from different languages play the game in their favorite language, making it worldwide.

Character Customization

Change clothing, accessories, voice, and personality. This personalization lets players construct a unique character, strengthening their emotional connection to the game and its characters.

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Anime Characters in Viva Project APK

Viva Project APK delights players with its diverse cast of characters, each boasting unique personalities and appearances, enriching the gameplay with varied interactions.

  • Shinobu: As the game's main character and the developer's avatar, Shinobu is a lively and curious girl, always eager to engage and learn. Her cheerful disposition and playful nature make interactions enjoyable and dynamic.
  • Sana: The shy and gentle Sana, prominent in the VR version, resonates with players seeking a calm and soothing presence. Her love for reading and drawing adds depth to her character, offering a different interaction style.
  • Yui: Representing a sporty and outgoing personality, Yui brings energy and humor to the game. Her love for soccer and skateboarding introduces more active and playful scenarios, appealing to players who enjoy vibrant characters.
  • Rin: Intelligent and composed, Rin offers a more intellectual interaction. Her love for puzzles and chess adds a strategic element to player interactions, appealing to those who enjoy mental challenges.
  • Miku: Miku's bubbly and optimistic nature infuses the game with joy and positivity. Her singing and dancing talents provide entertaining and lively interactions, perfect for players who enjoy vibrant and energetic characters.


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Best Tips To Max Out Of Viva Project APK

These crucial tips are designed to help players navigate Viva Project APK more effectively, ensuring a richer and more enjoyable gaming journey.

Tutorial Mode

Familiarizing oneself with the game's basics is essential. The tutorial mode covers fundamental actions like moving, jumping, and using items. Accessible from the main menu, it's a valuable resource for understanding core mechanics and starting on the right foot.

Sandbox Mode

Experimentation is key in Viva Project APK. The sandbox mode lets players explore different items and scenarios without restrictions. It's an excellent way to test various interactions and discover unique aspects of the game.


Immerse yourself in Viva Project APK latest version for Android, where strategic depth meets varied gameplay, offering a unique experience with every session. Don't miss the opportunity to delve into this captivating simulation, where your choices shape your journey.


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