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Author :DeathkingsStudios Dec 28, 2022

Wonderful Creatures Addon - This amazing mod provides a large desert space with a variety of plants, friendly and dangerous animals, and even scary monsters.

Wonderful Creatures

Description about Wonderful Creatures

Wonderful Creatures Addon - A Wonderful Minecraft Desert World

Minecraft is a large world with many animals, but it seems that those living in the desert have been forgotten. So the Wonderful Creatures Minecraft fulfills that by providing an incredibly rich and diverse desert biome. You can see everywhere covered with a white color from the sand block. The vegetation here is mostly small bushes, and cacti, with some trees and skulls Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex), and very few oases.

Wonderful Creatures addon

These are the great animals that Wonderful Creatures MCPE offers:

  • Buffalo: It is quite common, they live in herds and love to eat cacti. So you can feed them and lure them into the cage. They are very excitable, as long as you hit one, the whole will be angry and use its horns to attack you.
  • Canis Simensis: These wild wolves are always stalking gentle animals to attack. It's best not to hit them, because the swarm will attack you, and surely the chances of survival are very low.
  • Death Worm: This is a fearsome and aggressive monster. As soon as you get close, it will attack you with a large mouth full of sharp teeth. Be careful as it is fast and often hides under the sand.
  • Emperor Scorpion: A large black scorpion that often hides in the sand, revealing only its tail. Its damage is huge, just one hit can kill you. But you'll be safe if you tame them with gold. Not only does it get along with you, but it also allows you to ride them, and attack any animal you want.
  • Rattle Snake: Be careful with the rocks lying in the sand, because most likely Rattle Snake lurks in there. As long as you interact, it will rush out and attack you, even the mobs around.
  • Cyclops: A boss that this mod was created to guard an inventory containing many valuable items. Although you will find it sleeping, as soon as you get close to the chest, it will wake up and become angry. One of his screams can blow you away. Then it will attack with its bare hands, throw rocks at you, and worst of all, it will catch and bite you to death.
Wonderful Creatures mcpe

In addition, the items that Wonderful Creatures Minecraft Mods provide are also very reasonable such as:

  • Buffalo Fur Armor: Crafted from buffalo fur and skin, has higher stats than normal armor.
  • Scorpion Chitin Armor: A poison-resistant armor made from items dropped by Emperor Scorpion after it is killed.
  • Rattle Snake Hat: This item is for decoration only, made of rattlesnake skin and gold.
  • Cyclops Sword: A very rare sword with awesome skills. It can heal you for 2 hearts in 5 seconds, generate a scream that blows mobs out, and creates a protective energy block for you.

What this mod brings is really great, come and check Wonderful Creatures Addon Download right now if you want to explore new lands!


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