Mine Mine No Mi Mod 1.15.2 → 1.14.4

Author : WyndFTWz Apr 6, 2022

Mochi Mochi no Mi (or Mine Mine no Mi) is a One Piece-inspired Minecraft mod pack that adds several devil fruits and custom items to Minecraft.

Mine Mine No Mi Mod

Description about Mine Mine No Mi Mod

Mochi Mochi No Mi: One Piece Devil Fruits in Minecraft

Mochi Mochi no Mi (or Mine Mine no Mi) is a One Piece-inspired Minecraft mod pack that adds several new custom items to Minecraft. Mine Mine no Mi provides 22 devil fruits from the One Piece series, either in anime or manga. If you’re an anime fan in general or One Piece in specific, this mod is absolutely for you!

mine mine no mi

With Mine Mine no Mi mod installed, the normal Minecraft mood is gone! You can find some new mobs as pirates and marines spawn naturally in the world. Also, new structures like ships and temples also added to the game, making it more interesting to explore the One Piece world.

Besides some news weapons like swords and pistols, Devil Fruits are the things you want to pay attention to! They’re usually spawned in looted chests in ships or other structures, each chest has three tiers: wooden, iron, and gold. The higher tier of the chest, the more powerful Devil Fruit you can find.

mine mine no mi mod

Just like in an anime, Devil Fruits in Mochi mochi no mi Minecraft provide the eater with a superpower. Each fruit will have a unique ability like Logia type fruit can make the eater fly and immune to all other damages, except Busoshoku Haki. Paramecia devil fruits can grant the eater to manipulate terrain and object around them and are effective in AoE attack. And the best of all, Zoan Devil Fruits! They will allow the eater to transform into rare animals with their power increased!

Minecraft Mochi Mochi no Mi mod also provides a new ore called Kairoseki (or Sea Stone). If you give this to any devil fruit users, they will not able to use their power, just like in the manga! You can also craft Kairoseki bullets, a unique weapon that can damage any devil fruit users, even Logia eaters.

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While being constantly updated with more devil fruits and improving the user experience, Mine Mine no Mi is definitely an awesome mod to try out if you’re an anime fan! And be patient, because this mod is so unique, every update can take months or even longer!


Forge Mod

Note: Need to install more required mods to use the best Mods, all must use the same version

How to install Mine Mine No Mi Mod

  • Make sure you have Forge Mod installed
  • Search and download any mod you like on our website.
  • You will get the .jar file after downloading, copy the file.
  • Press Window + R, type %appdata%, press Enter.
  • Navigate to the .minecraft folder, then to the mods If you don't have a mods folder, create one, paste the .jar file inside the mods folder

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Compatible Version

1.15.2 - 1.14.4

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