Minecraft 1.18 Shaders

  • Acid Shaders
    Acid Shaders
    Author: BruceKnowsHow17/03/2022

    Acid Shaders is a Minecraft Shaders that does not heavily focus on graphic enhancement but distorts the blocks in the distance and makes them look psychedelic.

  • SEUS Shaders
    SEUS Shaders
    Author: Sonicether07/01/2022

    Sonic Ether's Unbelievable shaders (aka SEUS), according to Cody, is a popular graphics modification for Minecraft. It has over 2+ million downloads by now!

  • RedHat Shaders
    RedHat Shaders
    Author: Mlgimposter15/04/2022

    Using RedHat for Minecraft, you'll be able to enjoy a wide range of new features and intriguing elements, but they'll also serve as the foundation for new experiences.

  • Werrus Shaders
    Werrus Shaders
    Author: N/A01/04/2022

    Werrus Shaders is a new Minecraft shader that was created by Werrus with the purpose is to improve the sky, cloud, lighting, shadow, and a lot more!

  • Drdestens Mcshaders
    Drdestens Mcshaders
    Author: DrDesten22/03/2022

    Drdestens Mcshaders is a Minecraft shader created by DrDesten. It won the heart of many Minecraft players because of its effect and how often the pack is updated.

  • Makeup Ultra Fast Shaders
    Makeup Ultra Fast Shaders
    Author: XavierFST21/03/2022

    Makeup Ultra Fast Shaders is a fully customizable Minecraft shader with a variety of presets for both low-end specs computers and very high-end ones.

  • Super Duper Vanilla Shaders
    Super Duper Vanilla Shaders
    Author: Eldeston21/03/2022

    Super Duper Vanilla Shaders is a continued version of the SDGP. It significantly improves the lighting and shadow system of the game, to create a realistic feeling.

    Author: Sonicether14/03/2022

    SEUS PTGI for Minecraft contains a customized ray-tracing software program that doesn't need an RTX graphics card. You will get the best out of your gaming activity with this add-on.

  • SEUS Renewed
    SEUS Renewed
    Author: Sonicether11/03/2022

    It's an updated version of SEUS Shaders that uses classic rasterization-based rendering technologies to deliver you high-quality graphics at a reasonable performance.

  • Continuum Shaders
    Continuum Shaders
    Author: Cody Darr26/02/2022

    Are you a Minecraft shaders enthusiast with a high-end computer? If so, Continuum Shaders may be the best Minecraft shaders for you! Ready for the realism!

  • Lagless Shaders
    Lagless Shaders
    Author: ShadowMiner0925/02/2022

    Lagless Shaders helps Minecraft players to prevent their computer from lagging. You may now download as many shaders as you want without having to worry.

  • Sildurs Enhanced Default
    Sildurs Enhanced Default
    Author: Sildur07/02/2022

    Sildurs Enhanced Default is a Minecraft shader with super lightweight graphics and customizable but still remain the quality of the lighting and shadow system.

  • Nostalgia Shader
    Nostalgia Shader
    Author: RRe3607/02/2022

    The Nostalgia Minecraft shader pack has everything that long-time Minecraft players could want. With it, older players can take a jaunt down memory lane!

  • Oceano Shaders
    Oceano Shaders
    Author: LittleRoofie07/02/2022

    Oceano Shaders is one of the most popular small Minecraft shaders of all time. With over 800,000 downloads in only 3 years, Oceano is worth a try!

  • Astralex Shaders
    Astralex Shaders
    Author: LexBoosT07/02/2022

    Astralex Shaders is a Minecraft shader made in 2020 with over 1 million downloads. Astralex Shaders bring your world to another level with a realistic environment.

  • Beyond Belief Shaders
    Beyond Belief Shaders
    Author: Unicornblood246807/02/2022

    Beyond Belief Shaders is a Minecraft shader well known for its weather and lighting enhancement. Beyond Belief is an option if you want cinematic in Minecraft.

  • Sora Shaders
    Sora Shaders
    Author: Squeakypistonmc07/02/2022

    Sora Shaders was created in 2022 and it got over 600,00 downloads. It significantly improved the quality of the water and transparency effect in Minecraft.

  • ProjectLUMA Shaders
    ProjectLUMA Shaders
    Author: Dedelner27/01/2022

    ProjectLUMA is one of most consistently performing Minecraft shaders. The main goal of this shader pack was to make the game look more realistic with natural lighting.