Minecraft 1.14.4 Shaders

  • SEUS Shaders
    SEUS Shaders
    Author: Sonicether07/01/2022

    Sonic Ether's Unbelievable shaders (aka SEUS), according to Cody, is a popular graphics modification for Minecraft. It has over 2+ million downloads by now!

  • RedHat Shaders
    RedHat Shaders
    Author: Mlgimposter15/04/2022

    Using RedHat for Minecraft, you'll be able to enjoy a wide range of new features and intriguing elements, but they'll also serve as the foundation for new experiences.

  • Werrus Shaders
    Werrus Shaders
    Author: N/A01/04/2022

    Werrus Shaders is a new Minecraft shader that was created by Werrus with the purpose is to improve the sky, cloud, lighting, shadow, and a lot more!

  • Drdestens Mcshaders
    Drdestens Mcshaders
    Author: DrDesten22/03/2022

    Drdestens Mcshaders is a Minecraft shader created by DrDesten. It won the heart of many Minecraft players because of its effect and how often the pack is updated.

  • Makeup Ultra Fast Shaders
    Makeup Ultra Fast Shaders
    Author: XavierFST21/03/2022

    Makeup Ultra Fast Shaders is a fully customizable Minecraft shader with a variety of presets for both low-end specs computers and very high-end ones.

  • Super Duper Vanilla Shaders
    Super Duper Vanilla Shaders
    Author: Eldeston21/03/2022

    Super Duper Vanilla Shaders is a continued version of the SDGP. It significantly improves the lighting and shadow system of the game, to create a realistic feeling.

  • Tea Shaders
    Tea Shaders
    Author: Unicornblood246821/03/2022

    Tea Shaders is a Minecraft shader that mainly focuses on the lighting and color ambient to create the most fantastic world instead of a realistic one.

  • Astralex Shaders
    Astralex Shaders
    Author: LexBoosT07/02/2022

    Astralex Shaders is a Minecraft shader made in 2020 with over 1 million downloads. Astralex Shaders bring your world to another level with a realistic environment.

  • ProjectLUMA Shaders
    ProjectLUMA Shaders
    Author: Dedelner27/01/2022

    ProjectLUMA is one of most consistently performing Minecraft shaders. The main goal of this shader pack was to make the game look more realistic with natural lighting.

  • Sildurs Vibrant Shaders
    Sildurs Vibrant Shaders
    Author: Sildur07/01/2022

    Sildur's Shaders is an expansion of the GLSL shader mod in Minecraft. Sildurs change how Minecraft texture and lighting systems work by modifying several effects.

  • Kuda Shaders
    Kuda Shaders
    Author: DeDelner07/01/2022

    Kuda Shaders is a Minecraft shader created by Dedelner. It's well known because of its simplicity, having minimal bugs, and high performance among other Shaders.

  • Chocapic13 Shaders
    Chocapic13 Shaders
    Author: Choca_1307/01/2022

    Chocapic13’s Shaders mod is a custom Minecraft shader created by choca13 back in 2020 and become popular over the year by improving your lighting and fog.

  • BSL Shaders
    BSL Shaders
    Author: Capttatsu07/01/2022

    BSL Shaders (aka BITSLABLAB shader) is created in 2019 and it's inspired by Chocapic13 shaders. It’s well known as the best customization and optimization shader.