Werewolves Mod 1.16.5

Author :Cheaterpaul Apr 1, 2022

Werewolves Minecraft is a fascinating Minecraft mod that allows the player to be able to transform into a strong werewolf if you’re bitten by one.

Werewolves Mod

Description about Werewolves Mod

Werewolves Minecraft: Transform into Beast with Skills Tree

Werewolves Minecraft is a fascinating Minecraft mod that allows the player to be able to transform into a strong werewolf if you’re bitten by one. With custom models and a lot of cool features, Werewolves mod Minecraft brings a new wind to the Minecraft community and receives a lot of positive feedback. Let’s dive into the mod and let’s see what is it introduce!

In the Werewolves mod, you start the world just like a normal game, but as far as you travel along, you can see many different things such as new NPCs and creatures. Those NPCs are known as the Hunters will try to hunt down the vampires and werewolves. While the vampires and werewolves have the opposite goal, to eliminate and eat alive the hunters.

You can join the Hunters in Werewolves on Minecraft and the gameplay is just pretty much vanilla, where you progress further into the game, and try to hunt down as many vampires and werewolves as you can. But if you want to transform into a werewolf, you must find one and not kill it, then let it bite without killing you. That’s where your journey begins!

As a werewolf, you can live a normal day as a human when it’s daytime. But when the night comes, you turn into the werewolf and the craziness will drive you and only allow you to eat fresh meat. With thick and heavy fur, your werewolf form can take more normal damage but will receive extra damage from a silver attack. There is also a new biome called Werewolf Heaven in Werewolves Minecraft mod, where you can remain in the state even in daylight and have extra strength.

Not only having cool models and unique attacks or perks, but you can also have access to a custom skill tree. It’s where you can level up to earn points and invest in the tree to furthermore improve your combat and survival skills. For example, you can become a fighting specialist, survival specialist, or remain human while having a werewolf strength.

Before you download the Werewolves mod, make sure to download Minecraft Forge, Vampirism, and Guide API mod first since they’re required to run this mod. With that being said, enjoy the Minecraft gameplay under a werewolf’s eye!


Forge Mod

Vampirism Mod

Optional Dependency

Just Enough Items (JEI)

Guide-API Village and Pillage

Note: Need to install more required mods to use the best Mods, all must use the same version

How to install Werewolves Mod

  • Make sure you have Forge Mod installed
  • Search and download any mod you like on our website.
  • You will get the .jar file after downloading, copy the file.
  • Press Window + R, type %appdata%, press Enter.
  • Navigate to the .minecraft folder, then to the mods If you don't have a mods folder, create one, paste the .jar file inside the mods folder

Download Werewolves Mod

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