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Author :Ninjanoah5 Jan 6, 2022

Asleep is a Minecraft custom map created by ninjanoah5 and razlight789. It’s categorized as an Adventure genre map and it has 4 stars rating of 2650 votes.

Asleep Map

Description about Asleep Map

Asleep: A Minecraft Adventure Map Between The Dreams

Have you ever felt asleep in real life and you have been taken into your dreams? Whether it is a normal dream, whether it’s nightmare, or it’s a compilation of both dreams? If you haven’t experienced that before, would you like to give it a try in Minecraft instead?

Today, I’m gonna introduce a custom Minecraft adventure map called “Asleep”. The map is top-rated on the Minecraft maps website because of its uniqueness, relaxation, and little humor in the story.

1. About Asleep Minecraft Map

Asleep is a custom map created by ninjanoah5 and razlight789. It’s categorized as an Adventure genre map and it has 4 stars rating of 2650 votes. The map itself is heavily focusing on the design and function of command blocks.

The Asleep map was created in January 2016 and it has gained over 200,000+ downloads till this time. Although Minecraft has recently released the 1.17 version, it’s a recommendation to play Asleep map Minecraft at 1.8 version.

Because the map duration is kinda short (about 30 minutes) and it’s mainly built by command block, the map’s size is only 12MB. So you can just easily download and enjoy the map without any problems. Another suggestion is you should change your render distance to 12 for the best experience.

2. Asleep Adventure Map

The first thing you see when loaded the map is a giant welcome text written “Asleep”. It’s floating in the middle of the sky and colored red. Well, this is not gonna be alright, isn’t it?

You spawn on a flat platform, and you can only proceed into the game by clicking the sign right behind you. This will trigger the command block below and initially start the game, or start the chain of nightmares for you :).

Minecraft Asleep game first brings you to your character’s house, where all the furniture is highly detailed and well decorated. You can see how the map maker customizes the table, the chairs, the cloak rack, and the clock. It’s all brings you the feeling of being home, and also creates a scary mood when everything looks so empty and quiet.

And what do you need to fall asleep? Yep! Go upstairs, find your bedroom, and right-click the bed to sleep. But unfortunately, it’s not a normal day in Minecraft where you can just skip the night. You must go through and challenge yourself with a bunch of your dreams!

The first dream of Minecraft game Asleep, you’re playing a scientist role, where you must work on a computer to adjust the orbit of your spaceship. But maybe you do it wrong (or other guys?), and the ship is now hit by a meteor. Find an escape pod and escape the ship quickly! The dream will end once you find the savior.

Next dream, where you’re at a big casino with a huge wheel. After betting here and there, you easily won 1 million dollars. Wow! But it does not stop there, you will be lured into another game of choosing the right door, for double the money, or lose everything. Whatever door you choose, you always win. So 2 million and a party is waiting for you.

The happiness won’t last for long, because you’re brought to another dream. At this point, you will remember the good old day, where your mother read a fairy tale before you go to bed. You can expect something magical, something weird, and maybe creepy at the same time. I do not spoil this part since this is the most hilarious story!

Suddenly, you’re a Miner in a deep cave. After mining all day long, you decided to go back home and relax. But the rail back to the surface is destroyed. There is no way to go up, but only down. What will wait for you down there?

Spoiler ahead! You will enter a dangerous cave with lava flowing all over the place. However, you will notice some standstill bats around, you need to make your way through the lava by proving your parkour skill. At the end of the cave, you will find a room full of treasures include diamonds, gold, and other types of ores. But prepare for the Wither boss fight!

You’ve awakened! Or is it? Sadly, it’s not. You’re now at a gaming station, where you can play all kinds of minigames you’ve been played in your life. So do you know how to play Pacman? If yes, ready to play it in a first-person game mode!

After received a coin from the game owner, you can come to the nearest machine that displays a Pacman map, click it with the coin, and BAM! Now you’re in the game. Try to run away from the invisible armor mobs and collect all the gold. That’s your main objective to leave the dream.

Fireman is the next role after gamers. In this dream, you will be a fireman trying to save a villager’s life. So quickly grab your gears, go into the car and get yourself into the scene. You will see a damaged building is burning. Your job is to get to the 3rd floor, save the man, and both jump down the trampoline down beneath the building. But you can’t make it and the screen blackout, again!

Into the next dream, I swear this is the weirdest and creepiest dream you will ever see! At the first glance, you’re just on a normal plane with a lot of villagers. But after taking the bathroom and come back, all of them are now wearing a cow hat, even the pilots! You will be super confused and force yourself to jump off the plane right after!

You fall and fall onto some soft clouds. I think after seeing a lot of clouds stand in line like this, you will know what to do. Parkour! Try not to fall off the cloud and make your way through the end. Otherwise, you will respawn at the beginning cloud.

After the long dream, you finally come back to your house. Phew… Or, isn’t it? Right after you walk away from your room, the floor disappears and you will fall down into the Nether. Wow! You’re still in your dream, I guess?

In the Nether, you must fight a Wither skeleton boss, which has so many skills like fireballs, arrow shooting, teleport, and summons minions. The fight may take about 10 minutes if you’re not paying attention and keep dying.

When you’re done with the boss, congrats! You will see the nearby bridge is rebuilding itself. After it’s done, you can just go across and follow the glowstone gateways, and finally end up at the diamond beacon. BAM! You’re brought back to your bedroom. Or… isn’t it? :)

Who knows? But you will see the Asleep logo again and the credit starts rolling, with each scene from each of your dream. Making you feel so reminiscent and want to play the map again and again!

3. Asleep Map Download

And that’s it, my friend! Asleep will bring you a weird feeling and make you curious each time the dream ends. So you just end up asking yourself “Is this dream over?”. What a successful Minecraft map!

If you want to try to not sleep in Minecraft, just check the Minecraft adventure map Asleep right now! Remember to wear a headphone and turn on all the sounds.

How to install Asleep Map

  • Find and download any map you want from our website.
  • Usually you will get a zip file after downloading any map. Just unzip that file (if you can't extract you might want to install Winrar)
  • After extracting, you will see several folders. Carefully select the correct folder and copy (Ctrl + C) it.
  • Press Window + R, type %appdata%, then press Enter.
  • Navigate to the .minecraft folder, then to the save
  • Paste (Ctrl + V) your map folder here.
  • Start Minecraft, when you select Single Player, you will see downloaded maps listed here along with your world.

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