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Author :Qmagnet Jan 4, 2022

Diversity 1 is a custom CTM map made by qmagnet. You have to challenge yourself with various types of skills to get the required materials to complete the monument

Diversity Map

Description about Diversity Map

Custom Minecraft map is a traditional culture in the Minecraft community. It still retains the interest along with mods and plugins over the past few years. And today, we present to you a mind blow and awesome map called “Diversity”.

Diversity Map Minecraft

Diversity 1 is a custom CTM map made by one of the most popular map makers named qmagnet. The reason it’s called CTM is that you have to complete a set of different wools by completing various challenges along your way. It’s like you challenge yourself to get the required materials, then place them all in one place. In this case, that place is called “The Monument”.

You will not just play a normal survival Minecraft game. Instead, you have to prove yourself through various game modes such as Adventure, Arena, Trivia, Parkour, Escape, Labyrinthian, Dropper, Survival, Puzzle, and Boss Battle.

Each genre completed will grant you corresponding colored wool to that challenge. You then put the wool in the Monument’s chest and the wool gets placed in the progress bar wall.

Diversity Map Challenges

Before you read any further, please keep in mind that this article contains spoiler information about the Diversity MC map. So watch out, and take care!

1.The Jukebox Puzzle

This is the first puzzle challenge you will face with and it’s very simple and straightforward. When you go into the room, there is a pressure plate that you can step on to get music discs. You then need to play the disc in the Jukebox to see which disc makes the light turn on.

With the combination of the disk’s color and its order, you should be able to press the buttons in that specific order and the door should be open for you.

2.The Water Stream Puzzle

This one is the timing puzzle where you must press all the buttons nearly as once, or press the buttons in a specific order so you can get a lever. With that in hand, you can move to the next puzzle room.

3.The First Carpet Puzzle

Many people may find themself stuck at this Diversity map challenge because this required the combination of the first two puzzles. Basically, you need to put the correct carpet into the chest, depend on the chest title and the carpet color match with the disc.

The sequence is: light blue, orange, purple, black, white, black, and finally place the brown carpet on the floor to get to the next room.

4.The Burning Sheep Puzzle

Another simple but really tricky and frustrating if you don’t pay attention to detail puzzle. When you press the button, you will receive wheat and one sheep will be spawned on the floor underneath you.

Your mission is to lead them to 8 pre-built pens. But if you choose the wrong pen, a random fire will start and it may burn your sheep alive. That’s why where to lead your sheep is important. The puzzle is quite simple! You just lead your sheep to the place that previously was set on fire.

5.The Second Carpet Puzzle

Do you know how to debug in Minecraft so far? Or at least in Diversity Minecraft map 1.12.2? No? Well, so by pressing the F3 key, you literally dive deep into the Minecraft debug screen.

This puzzle required you to look at the biome of the wool block you’re standing on, then just put the corresponding carpet to a specific chest. Since each chest has the following block placed above them (Endstone, Mycelium, Snow, Birch Wood, and Netherrack) so it should be easy to recognize.

6.The Multiple Doorways Puzzle & The Life or Death Puzzle

The multiple doorways puzzle in Diversity is the hardest one so far in the puzzle branch of the Diversity map. You need to walk through the correct door several times. And the idea behind this puzzle is no matter which door you choose, you should just focus on the number of block changes for the first door you choose.

The Life or Death puzzle required some knowledge to solve. You need to look behind you for the information and combine that with a life or death choice. Then just jump in the water if you prefer life and lava if you choose death.

7.The Riddle Section

This section is to test your Minecraft knowledge so nothing special to talk about. You will read several questions and pull the correct levers to go to the next riddle.

 8.The Slider Puzzle

This puzzle is one of the most familiar to real-life ones. You press one of the four buttons to push the block on the wall in the up/down/left/right direction. The purpose is to recreate the pattern you first saw in the entire puzzle section.

9.Trivia Questions

The Diversity Trivia question is a compilation of 30 different questions about Minecraft. You have 4 options for each question, and if you choose wrong, you will be brought back to the beginning. One thing to be noted is you are not allowed to use any outsource resources.

10.The Adventure

Qmagnet admitted that the main reason for the Adventure section of the Diversity 1 map is to make you laugh and relax. You will go through a humorous storyline and go explore, doing quests and eventually end up choose which side you follow.

11.The Escape

Opposite the adventure section, the Escape section in the Diversity map will try to slain and hurt you with a lot of rooms containing traps, questions, and even a creeper :). The section works the way as its name, escape while you can!

12.The Dropper

The dropper is one of the most popular Minecraft map genres until now. You (and maybe some other players) will try to jump off a super high platform to fall down to the bottom floor, without getting hit by any obstacles.

13.The Parkour

Welcome to the most annoying map genre of Minecraft. Because a lot of Minecraft players suck at parkour and they mostly skip this part in any maps. Since Minecraft parkour required a lot of skills, concentration, and high reflex.

14.The Arena

The area is just a PvE mode where you will enter in some giant cylinders and fight with the Minecraft mobs. After each wave, you will be able to heal and get some rewards like food, weapon, and so on.

15.The Boss Battle

Are you afraid when fighting with the Wither? Yes me too! To me, Wither is the hardest boss so far in Minecraft. It’s tough, has the fly and wither ability, he can also make an explosion with each of his attacks, making him the most annoying mob to fight with. So the boss battle in the Diversity map is simple, fight the Wither and get the wool. :)

16.The Survival

You have come this far, just to play Minecraft survival again? No! It’s not like a normal Minecraft game. You’re cast away to a strange island, your objective is to survive and gather specific items so you can complete the challenge.

Here are the items required: 1 Painting, 1 Flowerpot, 1 TNT, 1 Powered Rail, 1 Bread, 1 Cooked Fish, 1 Empty Map, 1 Glowstone. Is any of those hard for you?

17.The Labyrinthian

A maze runner puzzle, where you find the way to the exit in the labyrinthian. This Diversity puzzle has 3 levels, the first one is the Garden maze, and kinda easy. The second one is the dark maze where you can only see where you’re stepping. And in the final level, the wall is filled with lava to slow you down a lot!

18.The Finale

And that’s it! After you’ve completed all 10 Diversity branches, you will unlock the stairway to the ending. Now just follow the path, sit in a minecart, and see the summary of your awesome journey along the way. Minecraft Diversity map has a super unique ending and that’s why everybody loves it.

Diversity Map Download

So do you want to try this map out? You can download the Diversity 1 Minecraft Map below, and remember to check out the guide about how to install Diversity Minecraft map 1.17.

How to install Diversity Map


Download Diversity Map

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