Photo Realistic

Minecraft Realistic Texture Packs bring you to the real world while most of the textures are taken from real-life photos combined with a high-resolution texture.

  • Luna HD Texture Pack
    Luna HD Texture Pack
    Author: Batusai-X12/04/2022

    Luna HD is a high-resolution and realistic Minecraft texture pack that improves the look of Minecraft with realistic textures to make the blocks look super genuine.

  • HD Flows
    HD Flows
    Author: ArtFlo91,_Eisregen_29/03/2022

    HD Flows bring you to the modern Minecraft world with vibrant and vivid colors. It provides a clean texture without modifying too much of the original Minecraft look.

  • Depixel Texture Pack
    Depixel Texture Pack
    Author: Slembas26/03/2022

    Ever look for a Minecraft texture pack that has the same mood as the vanilla theme? Today, we present to you a beautiful and smooth one, called Depixel!

  • Better Dogs
    Better Dogs
    Author: Mrblueyeti17/03/2022

    Ever wonder how to actually raise and breed dogs in Minecraft? In today's article, we will introduce to you a famous Minecraft texture pack called Better Dogs.

  • Vanilla Tweaks Resource Pack
    Vanilla Tweaks Resource Pack
    Author: Stridey04/03/2022

    Vanilla Tweaks Resource Packs contain many tweaks to significantly improve your vanilla Minecraft texture pack without any effort. It's totally free to use!

  • Dramatic Sky Texture Pack
    Dramatic Sky Texture Pack
    Author: Thebaum6425/02/2022

    Dramatic Sky is a free expansion that adds High-definition clouds and lightning to your game's sky. The Dramatic Sky texture pack will enhance your experience.

  • Napp Texture Pack
    Napp Texture Pack
    Author: Del_Cieno_NAPP08/02/2022

    Minecraft’s blocky texture makes it beloved. Napp texture pack keeps the blocks, but replaces the textures to look hyper-realistic, making for a unique experience.

  • Bare Bones Texture Pack
    Bare Bones Texture Pack
    Author: Robotpant08/02/2022

    Minecraft was made to look simple and clean. The Bare Bones texture pack keeps with that theme, while also adding some beautiful improvements, colors, and shadows.

  • Realistico Texture Pack
    Realistico Texture Pack
    Author: Shoeboxam07/01/2022

    Realistico is a custom Minecraft resource pack in the high resolution and realism category. It’s created by Matteo Rizzo and has over 1.7+ million downloads.