Xaeros Minimap Mod
Author: xaero9614/04/2022

Xaero's Minimap Mod is simple and complements the rest of the game's look and feel extremely well. You may manually define waypoints, and even death spots will be made if you die.

Carpenters Blocks Mod
Author: _ForgeUser744696113/04/2022

Carpenter's Blocks is a Minecraft mod that adds new blocks to the game that can have other block textures while still retaining the shape of the original block.

Flans Mod
Author: FlansGames13/04/2022

Flans Mod is a Minecraft mod that adds vehicles, guns, armors, machines, and a lot of world war stuff just into the game to bring you an immersive war experience.

Mutant Creatures Mod
Author: Chumbanotz13/04/2022

Minecraft Mutant is a Minecraft mod that adds 6 new tough mobs to the game. They all have unique models with vanilla Minecraft textures and custom abilities.

Lycanites Mobs Mod
Author: Lycanite11/04/2022

This mod includes 100 new mobs that may be found in biomes, dimensions, and other locations. Expect to see enraged elementals such as Cinders or Spriggans sprouting from flames.

Scape and Run: Parasites Mod
Author: Dhanantry11/04/2022

It is a Minecraft Mod that adds more difficult adversaries to Minecraft. This parasite-themed survival mod also increases mob combat abilities with new adversaries.

Avaritia Mod
Author: Morpheus1101111/04/2022

Avaritia offers plenty of powerful items, many of which need extremely costly recipes to craft. Which makes your Minecraft Journey much more exciting and challenging!


  • RedHat Shaders
    RedHat Shaders
    Author: Mlgimposter15/04/2022

    Using RedHat for Minecraft, you'll be able to enjoy a wide range of new features and intriguing elements, but they'll also serve as the foundation for new experiences.

  • Werrus Shaders
    Werrus Shaders
    Author: N/A01/04/2022

    Werrus Shaders is a new Minecraft shader that was created by Werrus with the purpose is to improve the sky, cloud, lighting, shadow, and a lot more!

  • Drdestens Mcshaders
    Drdestens Mcshaders
    Author: DrDesten22/03/2022

    Drdestens Mcshaders is a Minecraft shader created by DrDesten. It won the heart of many Minecraft players because of its effect and how often the pack is updated.

  • Makeup Ultra Fast Shaders
    Makeup Ultra Fast Shaders
    Author: XavierFST21/03/2022

    Makeup Ultra Fast Shaders is a fully customizable Minecraft shader with a variety of presets for both low-end specs computers and very high-end ones.

  • Super Duper Vanilla Shaders
    Super Duper Vanilla Shaders
    Author: Eldeston21/03/2022

    Super Duper Vanilla Shaders is a continued version of the SDGP. It significantly improves the lighting and shadow system of the game, to create a realistic feeling.

  • Tea Shaders
    Tea Shaders
    Author: Unicornblood246821/03/2022

    Tea Shaders is a Minecraft shader that mainly focuses on the lighting and color ambient to create the most fantastic world instead of a realistic one.

Texture Packs

  • Tissous Zombie Pack
    Tissous Zombie Pack
    Author: Tissou16/04/2022

    Tissou's Zombie Resource Pack for Minecraft introduces a new level of dread into the game. Anguish-inducing materials are used to generate an infinite variety of zombies.

  • Luna HD Texture Pack
    Luna HD Texture Pack
    Author: Batusai-X12/04/2022

    Luna HD is a high-resolution and realistic Minecraft texture pack that improves the look of Minecraft with realistic textures to make the blocks look super genuine.

  • Dandelion Texture Pack
    Dandelion Texture Pack
    Author: xerotrinity12/04/2022

    Minecraft Dandelion is a new-age Minecraft texture pack that was created in 2021. It provides a warm atmosphere and cartoony texture without being too childish.

  • oCd Texture Pack
    oCd Texture Pack
    Author: AntonLandaoALVQ12/04/2022

    oCd texture pack is a cartoon Minecraft resource pack that was made by FVDisco and is continually developed by AntonLandaoALVQ, after the owner's disappearance.

  • SapixCraft
    Author: Sapix31/03/2022

    SapixCraft is a minimalism and cartoon Minecraft texture pack that was created by Sapix. The pack has many resolutions and supports up to a 512x version.

  • Patrix Texture Pack
    Patrix Texture Pack
    Author: Patrix30/03/2022

    Patrix resource pack is a high-quality Minecraft texture pack with high resolution and realistic, photorealism textures. Patrix support up to 256x resolution!


  • Enigmatica 6 Expert Modpack
    Enigmatica 6 Expert Modpack
    Author: NillerMedDild05/04/2022

    Enigmatica 6 Expert (or E6E) is a Minecraft modpack that mainly focuses on the quest progression based on many factors like automation, machine, magic, and fantasy.

  • Minecraft Medieval Modpack
    Minecraft Medieval Modpack
    Author: SharkieTV_04/04/2022

    Minecraft Medieval is a fresh new Minecraft modpack that adds tons of medieval aspect into the game and completely transform your game into the middle age’s old days.

  • MC Eternal Modpack
    MC Eternal Modpack
    Author: adam9899102/04/2022

    MC Eternal Modpack is a new-age Minecraft modpack that has over 380+ different Minecraft mods and has huge content and gameplay for you to explore and discover.

  • Better Minecraft Modpack
    Better Minecraft Modpack
    Author: SharkieLPS25/01/2022

    Better Minecraft is an extraordinary high-quality modpack. Even though the Minecraft 1.18 updates have come out, Better Minecraft is still a top-tier choice.

  • FTB Infinity Evolved Modpack
    FTB Infinity Evolved Modpack
    Author: FTB25/01/2022

    FTB Infinity Evolved is a Minecraft modpack created by the FTB (Feed The Beast) team. It was created in 2015 and has over 5 million downloads with over 150+ mods.

  • Valhelsia 3 Modpacks
    Valhelsia 3 Modpacks
    Author: ValhelsiaTeam25/01/2022

    Valhelsia 3 is the third version of the series Valhelsia with the purpose of fully improving Minecraft with a lot of mods to make Minecraft more interesting.


  • Diversity 3 Map
    Diversity 3 Map
    Author: Qmagnet21/02/2022

    Diversity 3 is the third series of Diversity maps, a custom CTM (Complete The Monument) Minecraft map. You need to play all Minecraft map genres to beat this map.

  • Diversity 2 Map
    Diversity 2 Map
    Author: Qmagnet21/02/2022

    Diversity 2 is a CTM Minecraft map. There are different genres like parkour, dropper, adventure, survival, puzzle, area, trivia, escape, labyrinthian, and boss battle!

  • Skyblock Map
    Skyblock Map
    Author: Noobcrew08/01/2022

    Minecraft Skyblock is one of the custom maps to gain so much popularity by having a unique concept. You will be brought up to an island surrounding by the void.

  • Herobrine’s Mansion Map
    Herobrine’s Mansion Map
    Author: Hypixel & Xiantis07/01/2022

    Minecraft Herobrine’s Mansion is created by Hypixel in 2012 and it’s one of the most popular adventure maps in the horror genre. Enjoy the epic boss fights!

  • Funland 3 Map
    Funland 3 Map
    Author: Superpish07/01/2022

    Funland 3 is a Minecraft custom map created by Superpish. It was created back in 2013 and has over half a million downloads with over 900+ players voting.

  • Asleep Map
    Asleep Map
    Author: Ninjanoah506/01/2022

    Asleep is a Minecraft custom map created by ninjanoah5 and razlight789. It’s categorized as an Adventure genre map and it has 4 stars rating of 2650 votes.

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