Minecraft 1.12.2 Texture Pack

  • Tissous Zombie Pack
    Tissous Zombie Pack
    Author: Tissou16/04/2022

    Tissou's Zombie Resource Pack for Minecraft introduces a new level of dread into the game. Anguish-inducing materials are used to generate an infinite variety of zombies.

  • SapixCraft
    Author: Sapix31/03/2022

    SapixCraft is a minimalism and cartoon Minecraft texture pack that was created by Sapix. The pack has many resolutions and supports up to a 512x version.

  • Jolicraft
    Author: Andrejolicoeur30/03/2022

    Rustic and cartoony, that's what the Jolicraft texture pack brings! But deep inside is the whole story and fantastic custom blocks with custom animation!

  • Depixel Texture Pack
    Depixel Texture Pack
    Author: Slembas26/03/2022

    Ever look for a Minecraft texture pack that has the same mood as the vanilla theme? Today, we present to you a beautiful and smooth one, called Depixel!

  • Chroma Hills
    Chroma Hills
    Author: Sycclonesjs25/03/2022

    Chroma Hills texture pack has a unique concept when combining RPG and cartoonish style together. You will be bought back to the back age of the middle medieval era.

  • MS Painntd
    MS Painntd
    Author: Strideyyy21/03/2022

    MS Painntd (or MS Painted) is a Minecraft texture pack that is well known for its simplicity. Like its name, this pack is actually made in the MS Paint program.

  • Cute Mob Models
    Cute Mob Models
    Author: Emmie_419/03/2022

    The designs of Anime characters are used to replace common Minecraft models in this Cute Mob Models Mod. You can now enjoy the view of an Animated Realm.

  • FullBright
    Author: Beyonderboi17/03/2022

    Fullbright is a new Minecraft texture pack with the only unique feature, to overall improve the brightness of the game so you can see everything clearly in the dark.

  • Better Dogs
    Better Dogs
    Author: Mrblueyeti17/03/2022

    Ever wonder how to actually raise and breed dogs in Minecraft? In today's article, we will introduce to you a famous Minecraft texture pack called Better Dogs.

  • Invisible Item Frame
    Invisible Item Frame
    Author: MattyWalker03/03/2022

    Invisible Item Frame makes the model of Item Frame without changing the parent texture applied to the item frame. Ideal for adding unique design elements.

  • LB Photo Realism
    LB Photo Realism
    Author: 1LotS03/03/2022

    The primary goal of this LB Photo Realism pack is to make Minecraft appear more realistic and more visually appealing and attractive to new players.

  • Quadral Texture Pack
    Quadral Texture Pack
    Author: Ignafson02/03/2022

    If you’re a fan of bright and vibrant colors with a crisp design, the Quadal texture pack is for you! Let's enjoy the simplistic and rustic in this texture pack!

  • Dramatic Sky Texture Pack
    Dramatic Sky Texture Pack
    Author: Thebaum6425/02/2022

    Dramatic Sky is a free expansion that adds High-definition clouds and lightning to your game's sky. The Dramatic Sky texture pack will enhance your experience.

  • Purpled Texture Pack
    Purpled Texture Pack
    Author: Qwillby25/02/2022

    The Purpled texture pack is a remake of the popular Purple 16x pack. If you love the color purple or the YouTuber Purpled, you are sure to love this pack.

  • PureBDcraft Texture Pack
    PureBDcraft Texture Pack
    Author: Abdyman24/02/2022

    There is a large overlap of the people who love both video games and comic books. With the PureBDcraft mod, players can have the best of both these worlds

  • John Smith Texture Pack
    John Smith Texture Pack
    Author: ForgeUser1674561215/02/2022

    If you’re a fan of medieval themes, John Smith Legacy is the best Minecraft texture pack for you! With the clean look and detail of every block, it’s worth a try!

  • Bare Bones Texture Pack
    Bare Bones Texture Pack
    Author: Robotpant08/02/2022

    Minecraft was made to look simple and clean. The Bare Bones texture pack keeps with that theme, while also adding some beautiful improvements, colors, and shadows.

  • Faithful Texture Pack
    Faithful Texture Pack
    Author: Kraineff22/01/2022

    Everything you should know about Faithful Texture Pack is finally here! Let’s dive in the endless world of Minecraft with this wonderful masterpiece from xMrVizzy!